Sunnies Face: The Hype, The Good & The Ugly

Sunnies Face: The Hype, The Good & The Ugly

Is Sunnies Face Fluffmate worth all this hullabaloo?



The beauty world is lucrative, as proven by cult favorites like Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. These brands made millionaires of millionaires and is helping one quickly become the youngest self-made billionaire (definition of “self-made” still up for debate, of course). Anyway, it’s really no wonder why, when Sunnies Studios decided to expand, it forayed into beauty.


Honestly, the brand needs no introduction at this point, but here it is anyway: Time to welcome Sunnies Face.


The Hype

The reason why Sunnies Face barely needs an introduction is because it’s already created so much buzz on-ground and online. The lines have been long, the e-commerce site is sold out and the tickets to the private launches were the hottest things to hold. Instagram was practically filtered pink and red, showing people decked out in front of a mirror, playing games or lounging on inflated couches and chairs.


Let’s give it the team behind the product; they knew what they were doing when they began #SunniesFace



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The Honest Good

Let’s get this out of the way now: Sunnies Face lippies are affordable. At P345 a tube, the town’s current makeup fave is practically a steal. You can also get the entire 9-piece set at one go for P3,250—don’t be fooled though because this isn’t a bundle discount. Let’s do that math, okay?


One (1) jelly pouch = P195.00

Nine (9) tubes = P3,105.00

Total = P3,300


Bundle set with jelly pouch = P3,250


Savings = P50


The bundle savings isn’t exactly a can’t-miss, but the items are still a good deal. The formulation is creamy, easy to apply and flattering to most (if not all) skin tones. There are, after all, nine fluffmatte shades to choose from: 143, Mood, Major, Hot Sauce, Nudist, Baked, Vacay, Milkshake and Girl Crush.



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Personal favorite? Nudist. Personal shade to pass on? Hot Sauce.


The (Slightly) Ugly

The Sunnies Face lippies are already hard to chance upon, but that aside there is one more major con: long-lasting wearability. In my experience, it didn’t take a lot for the colors to fade and smudge.


Here are the swatches with two careful-not-to-smudge hours in between.


But hey, if you’re the type not to touch lips with several things (glasses and food, we mean; get your minds out of the gutter) or if you don’t mind reapplying ever so often, then nothing should be stopping you—you just have to wait for the restocks.




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