Sunnies Studios Says Eye Care Could Be Chic (We Agree)


August 16, 2021
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The Anti-Radiation Nudes are specifically designed for daily gadget use


For a quick reality check, Google “How much time does the average person spend looking at screens?” Do with that slightly alarming statistic what you will. In our case, as much as we’d like to keep screen time in check, we’re resigned to the fact that gadget use is just part of the daily equation now. Eye strain, migraines, wonky body clocks thanks to blue light exposure all tucked in there. During the quarantine, too, it’s screen time exacerbated. Really, Sunnies Studios pointing our attention to eye care couldn’t have come at a better time.


The brand has dropped its collection of Anti-Radiation Nudes, which are designed to protect the eyes from blue light. Taking some of the crowd-favorite silhouettes, Sunnies Studios is repurposing five new styles awash in classic nude colorways, all of which get a blue light lens update.



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The Anti-Radiation Nudes feature non-corrective lenses, to start, therefore they’re available to everyone, prescription or no prescription. The main technology that comes into play here is the multi-coating that effectively blocks harmful blue light from all devices and reduces screen glare.


Each pair comes with an EMI coating that screens electromagnetic rays emitted by digital devices, the root cause of eye strain related to gadget use, and an anti-reflective coating so that browsing, watching television, gaming, and whatever else have you are all easier on the eyes. You get sun protection, too, as it features UV 420 for good measure. 


Glasses from the Anti-Radiation Nudes release retail for P795.



Neo in “Cornhusk”


Ronan in “Dune”


Neo in “Mink”


Nigel in “Hazelnut”


Theo in “Sable”


Yoji in “Oak”


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Sunnies Studios’ Anti-Radiation Nudes are available on, Lazada, Zalora, and Shopee, and will be available in Sunnies Studios SM Megamall beginning August 20.


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Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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