A Look Into The Fore X Pranca

A Look Into The Fore X Pranca

The collection, the portraits and everything we love about this unique collaboration



The Fore, a platform that seamlessly combines fashion and the art of collaboration with retail by Kim Jones, is something you’ve likely heard of or seen and saved on your bookmarks on Instagram. Following the success of its earlier efforts with Ken Samudio and Bagasáo, Jones comes out with The Fore x Pranca, The Fore’s third collaboration in less than a year.


Who is Pranca?

Pranca, as you might have thought, is inspired by the Filipino word prangka which refers to someone who says things as they are. Naturally, their designs express honesty and are made for the sartorially unapologetic. Bold but never in-your-face, Pranca is made not just for special occasions but for every day.


The collection

x Pranca is a collection of demi-fine jewelry featuring South Sea Baroque Pearls and 14-karat gold, which The Fore designed with under-the-radar brand Pranca. Challenging our collective notions associated with jewelry, each piece in x Pranca celebrates the beauty in opposites and imperfection. It brings together unique elements, like gold pieces with irregular curves and textures inspired by Baroque Pearls, that can be worn alone, paired with one another or with what you already own.


Truly versatile in design, the possibilities are limitless with x Pranca.


Just launched

To celebrate The Fore x Pranca and in the spirit of diversity, The Fore launched the collection through a series of portrait collaborations with photographers from New York, California, Berlin and Milan with their muses or as the platform fondly calls them, “true influencers.” Meet:


A Look Into The Fore X Pranca Gerti Heinrich shot by Mirja Zentgraf

“I choose my wonderful friend, Gerti Heinrich (@gertiheinrich), who is a fashion designer, because she has always been trying to question convenience by creating completely new shapes for her designs. Maybe it is due to her synaesthesia that she approaches the creative process with her own twist.”


Heinrich wears The Vermeer Shadow

The hero piece of x Pranca. Can be worn short or long using the 1 inch chain link. Best paired with x Pranca’s The Maquette Stud


A Look Into The Fore X Pranca Giulia shot by Sara Mautone

“Giulia and I have a long story together. She was the very first “model” I shot back in the days and now after 10 years she became an amazing graphic designer and we are working together on a magazine that we will open soon.”


Giulia wears The Gyre Necklace

Wear it long or short. Best paired with The Maquette Choker or with a longer piece from your own collection


A Look Into The Fore X Pranca
















A Look Into The Fore X Pranca Maggie Shannon

“Roy is exploring sound in a way I never thought was possible. His music is so contemplative and playful, I find the way he sees the world very inspiring. For the still life image, I was considering how he layers his music with different samples and textures. I wanted the surface to imitate one of his pieces. To play with the concept of flowing sound through bouncing light and reflections on the lucite.”


Featuring The Maquette Choker

A reflection of x Pranca’s collaborative nature. Combines simprint (simulated imprint) and the unique South Sea Baroque Pearls


A Look Into The Fore X Pranca


















See the rest of the collection below:

The Maquette Stud The Gyre Stud
A Look Into The Fore X Pranca A Look Into The Fore X Pranca


The Barroco Threader The Barroco Cuff
A Look Into The Fore X Pranca A Look Into The Fore X Pranca



Always true to form, The Fore continues to bring local and independent talent to the local and global forefront. And honestly, we can't wait for their next collection of wearable art.


Shop the collection at The Fore or follow @theforeseries for updates.



Art Alexandra Lara

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