The Revenge Dress: A Concept Worth Thinking About for Your “Hot Girl Summer”

The Revenge Dress: A Concept Worth Thinking About for Your “Hot Girl Summer”

We’re taking a page from Princess Diana’s iconic book of looks, starting with the controversial killer black dress



This summer, we’re serving sophisticated looks with a bit of drama and spice, taking notes from the people’s favorite, Princess Diana of Wales. After all, no one does controversy better than The Royal Family.  


As the story goes, on November 20, 1994, Prince Charles confessed to his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. That same evening, Princess Diana showed up at the Vanity Fair party wearing a black cocktail ensemble, dubbed “The Revenge Dress.” 


In true regal fashion, instead of completely losing it as most people do, Her Royal Highness kept her composure and let the dress do the talking. The interview regarding the royal adultery scandal made headlines the next day, with Princess Diana’s daring dress choice following shortly after. But hey, she looked good (actually, drop-dead gorgeous).



Lady Di had requested the dress by Christina Stambolian three years prior, but the princess changed her mind as it was too scandalous for the monarch family; this may seem quite shocking since the dress doesn't exactly fit the definition of bold. This would be conservative in comparison to the daring garments we see today. But for a member of nobility, bare shoulders, cleavage and lengths above the knee were loathed to the core. The silk number broke multiple protocols but, nonetheless, went down as one of the most iconic dresses in fashion history.


You could say the dress was the preliminary for the lineup of revenge fits she had worn after the divorce. She no longer had to adhere to the strict dress code, and thus her ‘90s glamour phase was born.  



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Most likely unaware of its impact, Princess Diana pioneered an empowering concept that has helped women turn their breakup despair into an enigmatic transformation through a sense of style and attitude. The lesson we’re taking from this legendary stunt is not to hide away but to show up and show out! Step into your inner femme fatale with grace and courage. 


Years down the line, women in Hollywood have been following in her footsteps, relaying their versions of the revenge dress. We’ve got a charming list of post-breakup looks that scream—your loss, not mine: 


Dua Lipa


Who says your post-breakup look has to be black? Looking festive, Dua Lipa wore a colorful ensemble in Versace from head to toe after her breakup with Anwar Hadid in December 2021.



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Kaia Gerber


After her split with Jacob Elordi, Kaia Gerber attended an event with Omega in a classic thin strap black dress by Celine. And the best part? She took her mom Cindy Crawford as her date. 



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Kim Kardashian 


In February of 2021, Kim had officially filed for divorce from Kanye West. Just a month after, she posted herself on Instagram wearing a hunter green dress by Givenchy. 



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Miley Cyrus


Miley had broken up with Cody Simpson in August of 2020 and showed out during the MTV Video Music Awards, where she dazzled in Thierry Mugler. 



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The verdict is: if they can get over it, you can, too. Turns out, the best medicine post-breakup is not only a good cry but a good outfit.



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Words Marga Sibug

Art Gail Ordiales

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