This Mom Found the Perfect Products for Labor-Proof Brows

This Mom Found the Perfect Products for Labor-Proof Brows

Your brow routine might be good, but is it labor-proof?



How do you rate the performance of your makeup products?


I’ll go first. For base, I tend to look for seamlessness, a skin-like finish that's free of creases and caking. When it’s lipstick we’re talking about, my arsenal of mattes is built around creamy formulations and color payoff. It’s all pretty textbook, really. When it comes to brows, though, my once-ordinary standards have skyrocketed thanks to one particular Instagram story.


Ayee, a colleague of mine, has always had a great pair of brows, but I’d regrettably never asked her what products she used to fill and tint her arches. In the thick of the pandemic, she happened to give birth to her daughter and candidly shared the journey (and shattered the fear surrounding childbirth) on Instagram. One of her story frames instantly reminded me of how good her brows looked on the daily—and brought to light that they didn’t just look good. They weren’t just sweat-proof. They were labor-proof.


This Mom Found the Perfect Products for Labor-Proof Brows


And just like that, the brow game changed forever. Yes, your eyebrow products may be waterproof and clump-free and the perfect shade of ash, but can they withstand the sweat and stress of 20-hour labor? 


Here, Ayee fills us in on her secret to labor-proof brows and why she continues to reach for these failsafes despite working from home. 


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Wonder: Hi, Ayee! Congratulations on becoming a mom. What were the brow products you used when you gave birth to Zoey?

Ayee: I used my go-to eyebrow pencil, Innisfree’s Auto Eye Brow Pencil in Early Morning Dew Ash Brown and Vice Cosmetics' Volumizing Brow Gel in Natural Brown.


This Mom Found the Perfect Products for Labor-Proof Brows

INNISFREE Auto Eye Brow Pencil, P240

This Mom Found the Perfect Products for Labor-Proof Brows

VICE COSMETICS Gandoll Volumizing Brow Gel, P195


W: How did you discover these products?

A: A friend recommended Innisfree to me before and ever since the first time I used it, I didn't want to try another product anymore. Plus it's really affordable!


I discovered Vice Cosmetics' Brow Gel through an online shop. I was just scrolling one day and got curious about the product since I've heard so many good reviews about it. I love that it does the job and again, [that] it's affordable! 


W: Tell us a little about the day you gave birth to Zoey. Did you put your brows on right before going to the hospital? And how many hours did they last?

A: I was admitted right after my checkup so, of course, I was able to put on my brows! But I didn't go to labor right away, I had some time to rest so I removed my makeup.


When they informed me that they're about to bring me to the labor room, my first thought was “first impressions last.” There's no way that my baby's going to see me, for the first time, without eyebrows. I know that sounds over-the-top and she couldn't even see yet, but I think that was the hormones talking. So yes, I put on my brows.


When they brought me in, I wasn't expecting to be there for so long. I was in labor for 20 hours so imagine the sweat because of pain and pushing! When I woke up after my delivery in the recovery room, thank God I had my phone beside me; the first thing I did was check how I look. Aside from being pale and looking tired, I was so amazed that my eyebrows were still on fleek.


W: Now that we're home and still in work-from-home mode, are these brow products still in your regular routine?

A: Yes! I make sure to do that right after I shower in the morning—and I don't even open my camera during Zoom meetings! It's just something I practice to make me feel normal, I guess, because I don't have any reason to do that anymore since I don't go out of the house.



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Shop for Innisfree’s best-selling Auto Eye Brow Pencil via Shopee, Lazada, their call and delivery service or at their physical stores. VICE Cosmetics is available for purchase via the brand’s official website, Shopee, Lazada and BeautyMNL. 


Special thanks Ayee Villalon

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