This Beauty Enthusiast Tried the Best-Kept Hair Naturals Secret For Moisturized Hair

This Beauty Enthusiast Tried the Best-Kept Hair Naturals Secret For Moisturized Hair

Indulge your locks with potent ingredients from the richness of nature



My hair care routine is coming into full bloom. My search for natural ingredients that give my locks that TLC it needs actually began in quarantine. For many years, most of my efforts towards self-care, in the sense of beauty and grooming, were targeted towards my skin—after all, it’s the biggest organ in our bodies. But with the lockdown in our midst, and the elusive finish line nowhere to be seen, I’ve found the time to discover new facets of beauty, which contribute to holistic well-being. 


After half a year of not getting to visit a salon, my hair started to lose its luster, and I would see split ends everywhere. My hair also started to fall out from the stress that comes with such unprecedented circumstances. Sure, working from home has its perky benefits, since we no longer have to subject our locks to aggressors like air pollution, excess sweat and heat—I’ve personally stopped doing the daily blow dry—but that doesn’t excuse us from neglecting our tresses. I knew I needed a change!


We don’t want any hair damage, which easily causes brittle and frizzy hair, which makes it even more prone to breakage. After months of trying a number of products to no avail, I finally found ingredients from the richness of nature to deeply nourish my hair like never before. Here are tried-and-tested superstar ingredients to give your hair extra love and care. 


Shea Butter

To help soften the hair and scalp, shea butter is a must-have—even in our beloved lotions and body butters. Even those with curly hair texture can benefit from the superstar ingredient, made with emollient properties, to seal in moisture for long-lasting softness. 


Sweet Almond Oil

For persistent split ends, sweet almond oil helps hair grow longer and stronger. It also contains vitamin E, which improves its shiny appearance. Incorporate it in your routine for an overall softer feel, while making hair less prone to breakage from constant hair styling. 


Coconut Oil

No stranger to your beauty routine, coconut oil stimulates hair growth to help your locks naturally grow longer and thicker faster.  Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it’s also suitable for dry and brittle hair, desperate for deep nourishment. 


Rose Oil

An essential oil in your collection, rose oil also enhances the health of hair from the inside and out; it acts as a hydrating product. For those who go through hair loss, don’t fret! It also aids in strengthening hair follicles and even your scalp. 


Sunflower Seed Oil 

A hair-loving and trendy ingredient in the realm of beauty, sunflower seed oil nourishes hair from the inside and out. It locks in moisture for healthy hair, to the look and the touch. 



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Using the products makes me feel like pamper day is every day. Hair feels incredibly nourished from day to night. My hair is so lush and straight that I don’t even have to use a hairbrush—it’s that effective! Infused with luxurious natural oils and rich organic balm, I can even smell the sweet and rich aroma until the very next day. It's a covetable luxury one can see and feel.


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Art Matthew Fetalver

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