This Product Has Convinced Me Never to Wear a Bra Again

This Product Has Convinced Me Never to Wear a Bra Again

A dispatch featuring the very best of my quarantine Shopee haul



I’ve made plenty of great online purchases in the past year—space organizers, sunscreen, a wholeass Kindle—but nothing has gotten quite as much love or wear as my favorite quarantine acquisition: nipple tape.


Nipple tape has long been an essential for the bra-hating, back-flashing, low neckline-loving dresser. But anyone who used to hit the physical shops for the stuff could tell you that nipple tape from the days of yore (read: pre-2020) just wasn’t perfect. I’d seen them all and shopped them all—from department stores to Bench—and the verdict was just the same. The color was a pinkish, bandaid-esque shade that looked nothing like my warm skin. The edges weren’t seamless. They kept the girls covered, but what was the point if an unflattering nipple border showed through my shirts anyway?


Needless to say, I went right back to my bra-wearing ways. That is, until vlogger hauls and targeted advertisements dropped a solution right in my lap.


This Product Has Convinced Me Never to Wear a Bra Again This Product Has Convinced Me Never to Wear a Bra Again This Product Has Convinced Me Never to Wear a Bra Again


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Nipple tape has gotten a (much-deserved) makeover. Now thin, seamless and offered in a variety of shades, pasties can go with every outfit—no matter how light, sheer or daring. Here are some of the tried and tested brands we’re keeping close to our hearts (literally).


Privé Fashion Tape


One of the brands at the forefront of the bra-to-pastie conversion is Privé, which has earned a seal of approval from both influencers and online shoppers. Privé Fashion Tape’s reusable nipple tape comes in five shades: light, cream, ivory, brown, and dark. Regularly priced at P450 a pop, each pair of Seamless Nipple Covers comes with plastic backing, stiff plastic domes for drying the tape after cleaning, and a box for easy storage. Also on Privé’s roster: multipurpose styling tape, single-use nipple covers and unisex or men’s nipple tape—because the fellas might care for some coverage, too.


Shop Privé Fashion Tape’s selection of nipple tape on Shopee.


Easy Peasy


Another Instagram favorite is Easy Peasy. Nina Ellaine, Toni Sia, Chelsea Valencia and other social media stars are fans of the brand’s super-sticky, ultra-thin nipple tape. Making sure women of every skin tone are represented, the Easy Peasy Skinny Nipple Covers (P349) come in four shades: cream, nude, tan and dark tan. For women with larger chests or who need a little extra lift, Easy Peasy’s XL Lift Pads (P399) combine coverage and snatch into one convenient step.


Check out Easy Peasy on Lazada.



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A bra? In this quarantine? Not a chance. Tell us which of your online purchases has made your lockdown life a little better in the comments!



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