All About The Base: TikTok-Approved Routines For Flawless Finishes

All About The Base: TikTok-Approved Routines For Flawless Finishes

TikTok provides us with hacks for the best base routine



If there’s one recurring problem for novice makeup users such as myself, it’s achieving the best, flawless and non-cakey foundation finishes all the time. And when we look for answers, all roads lead to finding the best base routine ever, which admittedly, takes time, trial and error. You know, one that lasts for hours but requires minimal retouching. It needs to look like skin while reducing redness and blemishes.


While I know that makeup artists and gurus have found the secrets since forever, I found many concrete answers on TikTok. Maybe it’s a generational thing or timing, but TBH, the clock app has become a godsend for many. Everyone gets to share the hacks and tips that helped them achieve the best flawless foundation finish, and the rest of the world (including me) gets to see and figure out how these work. The ending? A no-fail base routine that works. Of course, the number one step is religious skin prep.


@marjmaroketNo to cake-y makeup ✋🏼♬ original sound – marj


We give you a walkthrough of these TikTok-approved hacks and routines to get that flawless finish.


Spritz setting spray multiple times throughout the routine

Sometimes we struggle in making sure our makeup stays and look blended. For some extra help, TikTok creators turn to setting spray. The moisture helps the product melt into your skin for easier distribution and blending, all the while making everything last longer. Creator Steph Hui suggests applying a spritz for every layer for an airbrushed finish, especially for those who prefer starting with the base first. This method will make your makeup last for hours. Finish the routine with another round of setting spray over the final look. Once it dries, apply powder under the eyes, T-zone and other oily areas to fully set the face.


@stxph.h Powder after setting spray is the key step..omg obsessed with my new base routine #baseroutine #makeuptutorial #makeuphacks ♬ original sound – stephhui


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One-layer makeup

Cakey makeup is often a result of too much products layered on top of each other, and one-layer makeup tries to lessen that. Instead of the traditional way of starting the base with layers of primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush, this method recommends mapping out where the products go on one’s face to create one layer of cream products. As early as March 2022, Chloe Morello explored the One-Layer Makeup hack, claiming it offers a natural finish while using less product. Plus, it promises to save more time, too. The method became popular come July 2022, and TikTok picked up on the hack and went to town.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, dot your cream products, such as concealer, foundation, blush, contour and/or bronzer, onto the areas they usually go
  2. Once done, apply setting spray all over the face
  3. With a brush or a damp beauty blender, begin blending from the lightest product (concealer) while working up to the darkest product (contour). Spritz on setting spray as necessary to blend easily


@chloemorello It WORKS! Plus it saves product & time 💄✅ #makeuphacks #makeuptechniques ♬ original sound – Chloe Morello


Apply your foundation with a spatula

This method began in South Korean K-beauty circles before making its way to TikTok. It takes after K-beauty’s focus on a flawless foundation finish, plus the precision and methodical routines to achieve desired results. So whether it’s the preference over BB and CC creams or the cushion foundations dispensing the ample amount needed, there’s nothing wrong in recruiting the help of a makeup tool: the spatula. Celebrity makeup artist Jo Hyemin, whose clientele includes Song Ji-Hyo, uses the tool to apply a thin layer of foundation on the face before going in with a sponge. This gives a glass skin-like and seamless finish while using less product.


Can’t envision it? Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Dispense a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand
  2. Using the edge of the spatula, push the product onto one side before gently gliding the edge down at an angle. Remember, it should evenly coat one side of the spatula
  3. With a bit of pressure, glide the edge of the spatula vertically onto your face. Then, slightly tilt the tool to have the flat area distribute the product onto the skin
    1. According to Taxinoodle on TikTok, the direction (applying inward or outward) doesn’t affect the application of the product. However, angle is key. Applying foundation with the spatula perpendicular to your face creates a thin layer, while a flatter angle will leave a thicker layer
  4. Repeat until you achieve the desired coverage
  5. Once satisfied with the amount of product, go in with a damp sponge to blend
  6. Repeat with the remaining areas on the face before continuing with the rest of the makeup routine



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If you’re not too keen on the precise and methodical offering from the K-beauty world, celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips shares her hack that makes Kendall Jenner’s and Hailey Bieber’s makeup looks appear snatched and luminous. Called Underpainting (no, not the painting style), this hack applies contour and concealer first. Then, to apply foundation, Phillips takes a large brush to apply a thin layer onto the skin. This guarantees a natural and glowy finish. Thus, it also makes it less susceptible to caking. Based on my own trial of this method, it also saves me more time—best for those who need glam in a rush.


Curious about how Underpainting goes? Here’s a 411:

  1. Apply contour and concealer on the usual areas
  2. Blend the products accordingly
  3. Using a large makeup brush, lightly apply foundation on the face on top of the products
  4. With the same brush, apply blush accordingly
  5. Proceed with your usual routine before locking it all in with setting spray


@makeupbymaryphillips lmk if you have questions! First video please be nice! Lol 🥰 #maryphillipsmakeup #maryphillipshack #contourtechnique #foundationhack #makeuphack ♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K


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What are you gunning for, naturally sculpted or immaculate glass skin? Let us know in the comments below!



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