Dye For It: 5 New Hair Colors To Try Out

Dye For It: 5 New Hair Colors To Try Out

Follow what that TikTok sound proclaims: “You can change your hair!”



It’s been a few months since my major mane change—chopping off all the frayed and frizzy tips of my bleached hair and neutralizing it with a sensible jet black color. Sure, I enjoyed the past few months as a brunette, but the salon chair keeps calling me to it, and that spliced TikTok continues to proclaim in my head, “You can change your hair!” That’s why I often find myself re-assembling a Pinterest board filled with hair color pegs, planning my next new dye job despite protests from my already dry ends. After scouring through listicles, Instagram profiles and the corners of the Internet, there are just some hair colors hard to ignore.


From Hailey Bieber’s elevated brown hairdo to the platinum blonde’s less harsh sibling “Oat Milk Blonde,” we bring your next dye job inspo.


Expensive Brunette


Changing your hair color doesn’t require an extreme bleach-and-dye job. Sometimes, all you need are adjustments in the right places. Case in point: the Expensive Brunette, a more refined, vibrant and shinier version that elevates a standard brown color. The brown hue gets enhanced by littering blonde and light brown babylights to bring dimension to the hair. One of the best things about this hair color is that it’s low maintenance—it doesn’t require all the treatments and toning.


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Burnt Copper


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For those hoping to go down the more experimental route, try dyeing your hair Burnt Copper. A bold mix of red, orange and brown, this hue provides a completely different direction from your typical blonde. But, of course, getting this shade requires time on the salon chair as darker hair colors need to lift before achieving the hue. Either way, it seems like a sacrifice worth making if we get it as vibrant as one of the original redheads in the fashion world: model Fernanda Ly.


Strawberry Blonde


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Are you planning to hop on the ginger hair trend but want to keep it light? Try exploring Strawberry Blonde! The hairdo essentially adds a wash of a red or copper color onto blonde hair. But what makes it an exciting color to experiment with is that Strawberry Blonde has many more variations than other people think. From the almost-pastel pink rosy hue to Sydney Sweeney’s spicy blonde shade, the sky’s the limit to what your colorist can achieve.


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Golden Light Brown


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If you’re not too keen on something vibrant, a lovely golden light brown shade is both daring and subdued. Still a brunette, but not too dark to play it safe. The light, ashy brown highlights combined with a light brown mane make a brightening effect. Can you also imagine what it looks like when the sun shines? *Chefs kiss* Just look at BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who recently tapered her Burnt Copper mane to a dainty light brown. Subtle, sweet, but still out of the box!


Oat Milk Blonde


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While we all love an icy, platinum blonde moment, hair trends point to creamier hues for a drastic transformation. Oat Milk Blonde is the less harsh sibling of bleached hairstyles, focusing on soft shades and more natural-looking outputs. Look at content creator Sarah Cheung’s light mane for inspo: light but not shockingly blonde, warm but not at all brassy. Nonetheless, this hair color will still make people’s heads turn whenever you walk by.


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As you deliberate on your next hair color, why don’t we mentally prepare ourselves for the drastic change (or not)? First, check out this list of hair care products for those who want to bleach their manes. Meanwhile, if you plan to DIY it yourself, we list down places where you can shop for hair dyes.


Good luck!



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