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Filipino Startup TriART (CO)LAB Is Looking to Be the Change It Wants to See in the Industry on

Filipino Startup TriART (CO)LAB Is Looking to Be the Change It Wants to See in the Industry

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The design-production-retail hybrid studio launched with a collaboration spotlighting nine local artists. Up next: its (CO)LAB with Nadine Lustre



Earlier this year, we touched on the state of fashion with the industry “struggling to fix a problematic cycle it helped create and perpetuate.” Even as brands, particularly fast-fashion retail giants, continue to decelerate considerably in the wake of COVID-19, the issue remains that the industry cannot fix its problems with the same approach used to create them. For Filipino startup triART (CO)LAB, this is precisely why nixing the known format altogether gives them a better shot at addressing fashion’s dirty open secret.


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The design-production-retail lab, which launched October 1, positions itself as anti-fast fashion through and through. On the design front, it’s built on the promise of empowering local artists (anybody can contact triART to start a (CO)LAB), promoting all-Filipino, all-original art in each of its fashion releases. Items are sold on a pre-order basis, too, which means triART CO(LAB) produces only what is requested, freeing itself of excess. “We are against dead inventory,” the founders said of their conscious and zero-waste perspective in a press release. “Our company is structured with the future in mind.”


For the group, this format not only works to cut out the waste and prioritize originality, but is a way for them to forge their independence in the world of traditional retailing.


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WE. ARE. LIVE. We are incredibly proud to share with you this rare group of talented creatives who made our first (co)lab possible. The web-store has been operational for only 3 days and we have a received an extensive amount of love from all of you in support of these artists. If you haven't yet copped any of these exclusive designs from your favorite local artists, it's not too late! We will be taking pre-orders for each design until November 5, 2020. — Once a design reaches 30 pre-orders, we will immediately go into production. (how bad do you want it?) SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL ARTISTS NOW and help spread the word to bring your favorite designs to life! #envisionedwithtriart #studydesigncreate

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A Springboard for Creatives

triART CO(LAB) thrives, quite obviously, in collaboration. “Designers, small businesses, graphic artists are all encouraged to bring their branding and designs to life, as part of our community,” said the team. Creatives, then, get support through the manufacturing, promotion, sales and distribution stages of their collaboration. This ultimately becomes of the triART (CO)LAB series that drops periodically on the official website.


What’s worth noting is that each collaborative piece comes with a countdown timer on its page on the site, something that lets online shoppers know the end of the preorder period. “Once the design has met its pre-order milestone at the end of 30 days, production begins,” added the triART team. “Following the end of a successful campaign, purchasers receive the [merch] directly from us within five to 14 days, depending [on] location.”


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This is just one other way triART (CO)LAB is rethinking the fashion industry. Going head-to-head with fast fashion’s habit of monopolizing creativity, the company gives artists and small businesses the platform to take back control––and adopt a conscious and zero-waste perspective in the process.


What’s Out Now and What’s Next?

To kick things off in October, triART (CO)LAB assembled nine local artists for its impressive first release. With a few hours left on its preorder countdown, “art-wear” by Lee Caces, Jethro Olba, Distort Monsters, PAPILIO, Silcero, Tropical Futures Institute, Danikah Novio (AKA CabNov), Jappy Agoncillo and Chino Villagracia⁣’s APPRECIATE Y’ALL™ can still be purchased here.


As the debut (CO)LAB draws to a close, triART is already gearing up for the next. Hot on the heels of her studio album release, Nadine Lustre, in partnership with local record label Careless Music, is teaming up with triART on her official Wildest Dreams merchandise. This (CO)LAB drops on November 9.


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✴ OFFICIAL WILDEST DREAMS MERCHANDISE ✴⁣ It's been a long and worthwhile journey in producing this (co)lab for Nadine's Wildest Dreams album. We provide the utmost attention to detail in fit, feel, and design application to bring the level of quality of each garment to the highest standard, which ripples across ALL of the pieces from this collection. All t-shirts are of locally milled 100% cotton, which is then ethically produced at our facilities. When you purchase from us, you're directly contributing to our initiative in ethical and socially responsible manufacturing. All garments are made-to-order, only until fabric stocks last. The store will be live on the 9th of November at 7pm! Don't miss out!

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Get in touch with Team triART and send your CO(LAB) inquiries to or +63 920 978 1533. For updates on new releases and the latest in the CO(LAB) series, follow triART on Facebook and Instagram.



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