Style Lessons from K-Pop Trio, Triple H

Style Lessons from K-Pop Trio, Triple H

A crash course in turning heads from Korea’s hot-right-now provocateurs



Triple H brings a different kind of seduction to the table.


A unit formed by Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn and girl group member-turned-soloist Hyuna, this trio is shaking up the Korean music scene like never before. It isn’t every day that a group brings together male and female members—especially when the concept they’re building off of drips with provocation and smells like sex.



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A look at their body of work instantly speaks volumes of their devil-may-care approach to what they do. Their music videos tackle unorthodox relationship structures and polyamory. There’s skin and cleavage, and innuendos punctuating every scene. They smoke and they drink and oh wait, they’re actually kissing? Triple H’s very identity is a taboo, especially in an industry that does such a good job at keeping things vanilla.


It’s provocative and maybe even trashy but above all that, Triple H is a breath of fresh air on the K-Pop scene. If the anticipation for their current comeback was any indication, there’s clearly good reason to keep our eyes on this trio—one of the biggest reasons being their impeccable style. Dressed by Korean stylist, Ssul, Hyuna leaves little to the imagination while Hui and E’Dawn wear lace and crop tops. They mix together metallics and neons and PVC, and somehow, it just works.


In the hopes of achieving even a semblance of Triple H’s unapologetic brand of cool, we break down a few style lessons we’ve picked up from their most recent looks.


Let them see right through you

Source @hyuna_aa,, @cube_triple_h


Triple H’s styling for their latest track, Retro Future, involves a whole lot of skin. There’s bare chests under open jackets, tiny booty-hugging hotpants and then some, but the element that truly sets these looks apart from their debut styling is the abundance of sheer pieces. Opt for dainty chiffon and tulle to balance out hyper-sexy skin exposure or balance them out with all-embellished statement pieces and tougher textures.


Meet your new favorite color

Source @hyuna_aa,


Legally Blonde taught us about striking the masterful in-between of style and substance, Mean Girls taught us about never losing sight of who our real selves are. But there’s a lesser recognized take away from these iconic films: the underestimated power of pink. Take cues from Triple H and use a punchy shade of pink to amp up your look.


Gender norms? Never heard of ‘em



Picture this: pearls, bedazzled belts, embroidered tops with lace collars, thick blush doused generously across cheekbones. Now picture them on a boy. Just as beautiful.


When in doubt, excessorize



Let’s say your outfit, whether it consists of a plain tee and a beret or a leopard print button-down, feels a little plain. The clear solution lies in E’Dawn and Hui’s looks. Throw anything on it and pile the stuff on ‘til it feels right. A necklace crafted of keys and coins? More earrings than you can count? Gloves and sunglasses and flowers stuck in your pockets? Don’t choose; do it all.



Art Alexandra Lara.

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