Online Shopping Just Got Better With

Online Shopping Just Got Better With

Enter the multi-brand e-commerce platform by the SSI Group



Adapt. Pivot. These words I’ve heard countless times over the course of quarantine. Even for already digital brands like Wonder, there was a need to adapt to changing behaviors and pivot plans. And rightfully so because audiences and consumers we were talking to pre-quarantine are no longer the same people we are talking to today. Their needs, as well as their behaviors have evolved as contactless everything—learning, working, shopping and even the way we pay—became the norm. But crisis or not, the shift to online was inevitable.


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These days, no one is a stranger to online shopping. We’ve all fallen into the void whether as part of our new collective routine, as therapy or to pass the time. Nights spent lurking, scrolling, reading through reviews, adding to cart and then eventually checking out at the most opportune time (read: 11.11) sound familiar? I feel you. But because options for virtually anything you want and need online abound, the once simple (and therapeutic) task of shopping can be overwhelming. How many stars did it get? What do the reviews say? Are they responsive via chat? can help cut through the clutter, sure, but can also be confusing as customer experiences vary.




So reviews aside, where you shop should also be a consideration. Admittedly, the task becomes easier when you shop from a trusted retailer that doesn’t just offer a catalogue of products to choose from, but curates it for you and makes the experience, well, extra.


Enter:, a multi-brand e-commerce platform by the country’s largest specialty retailer the SSI Group. Trunc brings beloved and the most coveted brands, from MUJI to West Elm, Calvin Klein Jeans to Gucci (launching soon!) and Cosrx to Lush, closer to consumers in one shopping destination.


Bringing their retail expertise online, SSI through ensures a shopping experience tailored to your tastes. Browse and shop through the platform’s four unique concepts, Trunc, Trunc Show, Powder Room by Trunc and Trunc at Home:



Trunc is where most of the magic happens and where you can find SSI’s go-to brands for classics, quality fashion and home essentials. Kids essentials, from clothes to furniture and toys, can also be found here.


Trunc Show

Trunc Show, a stand-alone boutique for premium brands, is your ticket to the runways of Milan, New York and London. It features curated picks from the latest in the fashion capitals of the world.



Powder Room by Trunc

This one’s for the beauty gals and guys, and skinthusiasts. Powder Room is where you’ll find cult favorite as well as iconic beauty brands (see: Beauty Bar, Dear Klairs, Ecococo and Hei Poa). 


Online Shopping Just Got Better With

Trunc at Home

Last but not least, and my new favorite place to lurk, is Trunc at Home. Your source for the world’s top home and living brands (read: MUJI and mom-trusted brands, Cuisinart and Tefal), collections featured here include fine accessories, food and wine.


Making brands sorely missed available online, curated not to mention elevated shopping experience and top-notch service, online shopping just got better indeed with



Art Alexandra Lara

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