Unilever Beauty Essentials To Have In Your Shopee Cart For The 9.9 Sale

Unilever Beauty Essentials To Have In Your Shopee Cart For The 9.9 Sale

Better to have these products in your cart, before they run out of stock!



A busy week has finally come to an end, and the best part is it will end with a bang with Shopee's 9.9 Sale! The classic saying “Thank god, it's Friday!” certainly rings true with all the deals Shopee has to offer, especially with brands such as Unilever, to give you high-quality products with the best shopping experience.


Beauty goes beyond physical appearance, and brands like Unilever can help enhance your life in more ways than one. By the way, Unilever continues to believe caring for yourself can be fun to do, and we couldn't say this better than to mention their iconic slogan: Feel good, look good and get more out of life. No matter how hectic life gets, it's always important to take time out of your day to care for yourself because you deserve it! No more, no less.


You are here for one thing (well, maybe more. Let's be real here, people!), and that is to see what Unilever has to offer this Shopee 9.9 sale, and trust me, they have a lot for everyone to enjoy. Get to know more about their products and don’t forget to add to cart while enjoying 50% off this 9.9 Shopee Sale!


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POND'S Age Miracle Whip Day Cream (₱1,645)


Dry skin can mean two things: you need more nutrients in your skin or you just need a good moisturizer. Getting enough moisture for your face is key to healthy-looking skin. With POND'S Age Miracle Whip Day Cream, this super light product can melt into your skin and is packed with nourishing ingredients to give you that youthful glow!


Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Anti Frizz Conditioner Standout Straight 180ml (₱148)


Say goodbye to hair tangles with Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Straight Conditioner! Heat can be the main culprit of dry hair, and adding this to your daily routine can make a difference for your hair in the long run! As this product is made specifically for frizzy hair, this can help you achieve a smooth and silky finish, starring the main ingredient Trio-Oleo Complex to give you beautiful hair.


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Sunsilk Shampoo Strong & Long 180ML (₱117)


Maintaining long hair can be difficult, but Sunsilk's new and improved Strong and Long with Activ-Infusion Shampoo can do the trick! The infusion of different hair oils, such as castor oil, biotin and aloe vera, can leave your hair stronger after every wash.


Close-Up Toothpaste Red Hot 120g (₱123)


Time to get your pearly whites clean with Close-Up's Toothpaste Red Hot! Formulated with red gel toothpaste and anti-bacterial mouthwash, Close-Up can remove any bad odor and leave you with fresh breath for up to 12 hours. Smiling more often is something you can definitely look forward to as this is a natural teeth whitening toothpaste.


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We hope we gave you the beauty prep you needed for what you can expect from Unilever in Shopee 9.9 sale! Unilever has more beauty and personal care products available in Shopee, and you can visit their shop to see what else you can buy!


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