Positive Beauty: This Company is Tackling Harmful Stereotypes to Shape A New Era

Positive Beauty: This Company is Tackling Harmful Stereotypes to Shape A New Era

With Unilever Positive Beauty, the brand champions a new era that is equitable, inclusive and sustainable for the planet



Though many things have changed in the past decades, we cannot deny the prevailing impact that media and advertising still has on consumers, especially in the Digital Age. Recent research from the leading data analytics and consulting company, Kantar, points out that underrepresented communities feel increasingly disconnected from advertising, with damaging stereotypes that fail to tackle the elephant in the room: inclusivity.


With this bleak reality to rectify, Unilever launches a new vision and strategy, Positive Beauty, which sets concrete ways to commit to inclusivity, gender equity and sustainability, thereby helping shape a new era in beauty. This follows the brand’s earlier launch, Unstereotype Campaign, showing their commitment to systemic change, making end-to-end inclusive marketing a priority.


With their diverse portfolio of beauty and personal care brands—including Dove, Cream Silk, Closeup, Love Beauty & Planetreaching billions of all genders, ages and nationalities worldwide, Unilever champions a new era that is equitable, inclusive and sustainable for the planet. 



With this platform to grow, the brand is challenging themselves to make real, structural changes, and pushing out a major overhaul for this generation and the next. To create a real and measurable impact, Unilever will no longer digitally alter a person’s body shape, size, proportion and skin color in brand advertising. They will also feature more people from diverse groups who are underrepresented and marginalized in their advertising. Moreso, the company will eliminate the word “normal” from all of their packaging and advertising. 


Driving positive change for people and the planet, Unilever Philippines is making their key pillars more localized.


Yes to Health and Wellbeing

Given the looming pandemic that has highlighted the importance of health and hygiene, Unilever commits to make hygiene more accessible and affordable for Filipinos families. In partnership with the Philippine Public Health Association and through its trusted brands Lifebuoy and Closeup, Unilever launched the Hygiene 101 Campaign, a digital information drive equipping Filipinos with 101 hygiene practices to live by.



Yes to Equal Opportunities

To empower Filipinos of all genders across the country, Unilever makes a conscientious effort in providing more opportunities. Starting in 2020, the brand partnered with Mano Amiga and Shopee in creating a grant for up to 25 microentrepreneurs to start or restart their business, giving them access to training programs and financial grants.


In 2020, Cream Silk also teamed up with, the largest education technology platform in the country, to empower Filipinas with the tools they need to be ready for the next opportunity. This 2021, they also launched the #ConditionedForGreater Online Academy, a series of free one-hour certificate courses highlighting skills needed to land a new job, especially during these trying times. 



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Yes to Beauty Inclusivity

As one of the top advertisers in the country, Unilever recognizes how its brands can do their part in shifting beauty standards to combat discrimination and champion inclusion not just in their communications, but also across all efforts. Dove continues to create safe spaces for all Filipinos to embrace their unique beauty. This year, Pond’s is shifting its products and campaigns to veer away from “whitening,” empowering Filipinas to love and care for their skin.


In April of this year, Unilever also launched its very own online portal, which celebrates a progressive, inclusive and tolerant world, representing all types of shapes, sizes, orientations, ages, religions and more. 


Yes to Sustainability

To reduce their environmental impact and reinforce their commitment towards more sustainable practices, Unilever has taken key steps to use less or better plastic. Love Beauty and Planet recently launched their partnership with local e-tailer Loopy and The Plastic Flamingo, turning eco planks out of used bottles to build emergency shelters for disaster victims. To push their thrust on sustainability, Unilever has also removed all bubble wrap, replacing it with sustainable eco-wrap, for purchases made from e-commerce platform Shopee. 



With Unilever Positive Beauty, Unilever is entering and shaping a new era in beauty, they commit to doing their part in fighting against issues like packaging and waste, gender equality, human rights and fair value and social inclusion. Join them in battling these modern-day challenges. 



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