How to Style Your Accessories This Summer According to Your Fave Celebs

How to Style Your Accessories This Summer According to Your Fave Celebs

Here are foolproof ways to accessorize this summer



Beating the summer heat doesn’t always mean having to dress yourself down. When layering clothes and makeup becomes a little too taxing because humidity is on a high and stickiness is on overdrive, it’s time to turn to accessories! It might be a little daunting to add those extra steps to complete your OOTD, but using accessories goes a long way toward making sure you make the most out of your look. 


Looking for inspiration? Here are foolproof ways to accessorize your summer looks according to some of your favorite celebrities!


Choker-and-long necklace combination


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A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller)


Add that touch of spark to your white tank ‘fit with a combination of a choker and long necklace. Bringing in more details to a rather simple outfit can turn a “just got out of bed” look into a show-stopping moment, minus all the effort! 


Style Tip: Explore different accent styles with your chokers and necklaces to see which suits your aesthetic the most (explore seashells, metals, pendants and pearls for starters!).


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Stacked rings


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A post shared by Julia Barretto (@juliabarretto)


Summer is all about staying hydrated. Grab your favorite drink and accessorize! Stacking rings along the base of the fingers and around the middle can elevate any “drink of the day” Instagram story and add instant oomph to your look.


Style Tip: Space out the ring placements irregularly for a more dynamic look.


Scarf as a headband


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A post shared by Sue Dodd (@sueannadoodles)


The heat can keep coming while your head stays cool under a scarf turban. With so many ways to style them, there’s plenty of room to be creative! Even better, you have a variety of designs for every hairstyle you can imagine—so pick your poison! 


Style Tip: Find silk scarves with prints that stick to colorways already in your wardrobe to easily integrate them into your everyday looks.




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A post shared by Jake Galvez (@jakegalvez)


Functionality is key, and sunglasses are definitely a game-changer in this department. One moment, they’re protecting your eyes from the sun, then they’re pushing your hair back and resting over your head the next. It’s the perfect headpiece and practical accessory wherever you go! 


Style Tip: Experiment with different nose pad options to see which holds onto your hair better and what suits your comfort level.


Waist chains


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A post shared by 小宮希美 (@nadine)


With low-rise bottoms making a comeback this summer season, waist chains are also slowly creeping their way back into style—and we’re here for it! Whether styling them on their own or layering them together, it’s a summer staple you have to try for yourself.


Style Tip: When layering, experiment with chunky chains to add dimension to the look.


Hair clips


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A post shared by melizza jimenez (@melizzajaunet)


The butterfly clip is making a comeback, and it’s our new summer staple! But carrying it around isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Introducing your new bag accessory: the butterfly clip that slips perfectly onto any bag to effortlessly bring out the summer vibe.  


Style Tip: Match your butterfly clip to the color of your bag to achieve a monochromatic look.


Layered anklets


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A post shared by 小宮希美 (@nadine)


Nothing screams “It’s summertime!” more than an anklet or two! Just like layering necklaces and rings, stacking anklets can turn any dull slip-on shoe into a more elegant and eye-catching number.  


Style Tip: Be sure to cut off excess chains to avoid any tripping hazards.


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We can’t wait to see your summer ‘fits! 



Words Vanessa Tiong

Header Images Julia Barretto, Nadine and Maris Racal on Instagram

Art Macky Arquilla

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