Why Grand Seiko Is A Good Investment

Why Grand Seiko Is A Good Investment

 The Japanese watchmaker ticks all the boxes



People buy watches for one practical reason, to tell time. But over the years (decades, maybe centuries), the time-telling piece we wear on our wrists has evolved and so has man’s reasons. Sure, functionality still comes into play but motivations now include style, status, heritage, hobby and even investment. Sometimes, it’s one of these or all of the above. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, especially when making a serious, six-figure purchase, it’s to make sure you get the value you pay for. 


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Japanese luxury watch brand, Grand Seiko ticks all the boxes: prestige, reliability, quality and value over time. And with a name that reflects the maker’s desire to create the “king” of watches, you wouldn’t expect anything less. 


The horology market may still be dominated by the Swiss (Patek Philippe, Rolex, etc.), but Grand Seiko can hold its own with its cutting-edge technology that makes it extremely precise, durability and ease of use. 


Why Grand Seiko Is A Good Investment


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Recently, the brand celebrated its 60th year by launching an anniversary collection and other limited offerings at the start and end of 2020. “60 is a significant number in horology. It takes 60 seconds to fill a minute, and 60 minutes to complete an hour. Moreso, 60 is important in Japanese culture as it signifies a moment of new energy and re-birth,” explains Director and Senior Vice President of Seiko Watch Corporation, Yoshikatsu Kawada. 


What’s notable with the anniversary collection is the 9SA5 Hi-Beat caliber, the finest mechanical caliber Grand Seiko has ever created. It delivers accuracy, power and higher levels of precision. Design-wise, the 60th year timepieces take inspiration from the breathtaking morning view of Mount Iwate set against bright blue skies with the sun’s rays peeking through the clouds, hence the colorways. Meanwhile, the back case boasts a limited edition label and serial number, and the signature lion emblem.


Without a doubt, Grand Seiko turning 60 marks the beginning of a new era—new technology, new collections, new stores, one in Paris Vendome. It’s only onwards and upwards from here for the Japanese watchmaker. 


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Check out the Grand Seiko watches at their newly launched online store here or in Seiko boutiques located at the G/F of Glorietta 1, 2/F of SM Aura Premier, and 3/F of SM Seaside Cebu.



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