Wonder May Beauty Counter: All-Natural Skincare & Detoxing

Wonder Beauty Counter: May Is About Straightforward Skincare, the Art of the Detox and All-Natural Everything


May 8, 2019
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Skin and body care’s finest, freshest picks



I want to tell you that you absolutely need these things, but with so many beauty products on the market and your own routines in place, that’d probably be a tall order. Nevertheless, the month of May has brought with it a wave of skincare, makeup and body care products that are well worth spotlighting anyway. Do you need them? Perhaps not. Are they deserving of your attention and perhaps even a slather, swatch or a swipe of the credit card? Definitely.


After all, May is Treat Yo Self month on Wonder. What better way to ride that wave than to wind down with a full-body detox by way of a dip in a charcoal-salted bath, a new addition to your skincare regimen, a kind alternative to that favorite foundation you’ve pledged allegiance to and a heat-beating product to fight off the humidity?


Ahead, we let you in on the products we’re welcoming into our lives for the month of May. Even better, they’re all stocked in one place: either in-store or online on Beauty Bar.


Bloat-Banishing Bath Salts

Step into the bath and come out 20 minutes later—more relaxed and noticeably less bloated. BOD (Body on Demand) directly targets bloat and blasts it in the most rejuvenating way possible. Even better, these charcoal bath salts are all-natural and cruelty-free!


BOD 20 Min Charcoal Bath Salts, P795


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Skincare Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult

For most of us, figuring out a beauty regimen comes down to a lot of trial and error. With the key ingredient emblazoned on the packaging of each product, figuring out which ingredients work and which don’t do your skin any favors is easier than ever with The Inkey List.


THE INKEY LIST Zinc, P1050, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, P1050, and Caffeine, P725


The Art of Restraint

Since 2005, Lily Lolo has been committed to bringing a clean, mindful approach to beauty. Now available at Beauty Bar, every product in the line is free of parabens, perfumes, synthetic fillers and dyes, making use of only what is needed to get the job done. Case in point: the brand’s mineral foundation has only four ingredients but packs a sun-protecting punch.


Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

LILY LOLO Mineral Foundation SPF15, P1225


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Let Nature Take Its Course

Okay, let’s be honest: even the best of us are swayed by cute packaging. Thankfully, Fancy Handy products don’t just make for cute additions to your vanity; they deliver. A favorite from the line? Easily the Aloe Concentrated Face Gel, a summer-appropriate answer to combatting the Philippine heat.

Fancy Handy Aloe Concentrated Face Gel
FANCY HANDY Aloe Concentrated Face Gel, P395


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Which of these are making it to your beauty counter for the month?



Art Alexandra Lara

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