This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

This month’s Wonder Beauty Counter features new releases from Issy & Co., Baby Bright and Innisfree



This September, we may be indulging in all things fashion—after all, we’re still reeling over all the grandiose looks from the Met Gala—but we’re also highlighting the beauty basics: good brows and good skin. 


From a homegrown brand’s all-new eye products for better-than-ever brows to a Thai drugstore beauty brand’s skin-loving cult favorites and more, here are new releases to add to your arsenal. 


Pond’s Vitamin Duo Sheet Masks

Get glowing


We’re down to the last three months of the year. Pat yourself on the back for making it this far and give skin the boost it needs for a nourished, dewy glow—you’ve earned it!


POND'S Vitamin Duo Sheet Mask Nourishing Avocado and Vitamin E 20g

Dry skin meet Pond’s avocado face mask. Ease inflammation and protect skin from environmental damage with the combination of avocado and Vitamin E. Then let oleic and linoleic acid nourish and heal dryness to reveal smooth, soft and nourished skin.


POND'S Vitamin Duo Sheet Mask Plumping Tomato and Vitamin B6 20g

Pamper skin with this sheet mask packed with all the good stuff: Vitamin B6 to replenish skin’s natural amino acids and lipids, and tomato, which fights the loss of skin elasticity and helps keep it smooth. Soft and supple skin? Yes, please.


POND'S Vitamin Duo Sheet Mask Brightening Pineapple and Vitamin C 20g

Gift skin with the glow it needs with a cocktail of Vitamin C and pineapple enzymes. Vitamin C prevents dark spots and exfoliates skin, while pineapple helps reduce the appearance of acne marks. Together, these super ingredients work hard to give you brighter, glowing skin.


This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin


The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® Florale Ritual

Get in the pink!


This month’s common theme is finding what makes you glow. And nothing makes us glow better than a cult favorite product that keeps on giving. It’s been two years since Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® Florale was introduced and this time around, the French label is launching two new products to add to your daily ritual: Prodigieux® Floral Scented Shower Gel and Floral le Parfum.


Prodigieux®  Floral Scented Shower Gel

Start your day pink and on a happy note! Shower with the floral scented shower gel that not only smells good, but feels good on skin, too. It's made with a botanical-original cleansing base and infused with sweet almond oil and botanical glycerin that gently cleanses, leaving skin soft and supple post-shower.


Huile Prodigieuse® Florale

No ritual is complete without the iconic cocktail of seven oils of 100% botanical origin that nourishes and repairs skin on face and body, and hair in one step. Spray on this dry oil feel for radiant, glowing skin.


Prodigieux®  Floral le parfum

If you love the scent of Huile Prodigieuse® Florale, then you’ll love this even better: a floral eau de parfum. This fragrance, a blend of magnolia, grapefruit and musk, is an instant pick-me-up that will take your senses far, far away, leaving your worries behind.


This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin


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Nuxe is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and is available at Rustan's Department Stores, The Landmark, Robinsons Department Stores, Beauty Bar,, Zalora, BeautyMNL, Lazada, Shopee and Shop & Shop by Rustan Marketing Corporation.


Silka’s ALAGA Scholarship Program

Dreams come true with Alagang Silka


Alaga has always been at the heart of Silka. For two decades, the beauty brand has been part of Filipino families’ lifestyle and well-being. But now more than ever, Silka’s Alaga has transcended the physical to help change lives through education.


This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin


Since its anniversary in September, Silka launched its ALAGA Scholarship Program and invites men and women alike to dream big and pursue their collegiate dreams. ALAGA, which stands for Academic, Learning, and Achievement Grant Awardees, is open to incoming or current college students nationwide. Twenty (20) individuals from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and Metro Manila will be chosen and Silka will provide for their tuition fees and allowances.


Through Silka’s ALAGA Scholarship Program, the brand hopes to give back and make ALAGA a way of life for those who aspire for a better life. Interested or know someone who is? Let Silka help pave the way for yours or someone else's future and send that application.


For more details, visit, and


Brow Better, Brow Badder with Issy & Co.   

Killer brow products that pack a punch


In my eagerness to clean my brows—after two months without professional help—I accidentally shaved off a patch, to my dismay. This bleak beauty disaster was immediately remedied by Issy & Co.’s all-new Precision Brow Pen, a micro-fine feathering pen with a brush tip that defines brows with realistic, hair-like strokes. 


Fill in sparse areas of your brows with the pen’s superfine brush tip to easily elevate your look. For the affordable price of P299, its formula is bleed-proof, smudge-resistant, quick-drying and lasts from day to night. Choose from four shades: ash, ash brown, taupe brown and warm brown. 


This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

Precision Brow Pen (P299)
This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

Brow Pencil Pro (P249)


Frame your face with the updated and improved Brow Pencil Pro, a defining pencil with a built-in styler and a paddle styling brush. The slimmer pencil and finer tip give you more control as you define, shade and fill in your brows as you please. Because the formula is so blendable, it’s easy to correct once you overdraw—perfect for beginners! 


Don’t forget to complete the brow duo with the cult favorite reformulated Brow Refiner


Issy & Co.’s Brow Better, Brow Badder collection is available on Shopee, Lazada and BeautyMNL. A limited-edition brow kit is available exclusively online called the Issy & Co. Pro Brow Bundle. The kit comes in four different shade combinations and includes one Brow Pencil Pro, one Precision Brow Pen, one Brow Refiner, plus a limited-edition Issy & Co. Metal case and the Brow collection campaign poster—all for only P799.


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Welcome, Baby Bright! 

Introducing a Thai drugstore brand that’s BLACKPINK approved


With the slogan “a gift from nature,” Baby Bright promises gentle, healthy skin. Formulated with natural and innovative ingredients, these affordable quality-made products cover both skincare and makeup. Their bestselling dual-textured lip tint, the Plankton Matte Cushion Lip and Moist Tin (in #05 Sandy), is even approved by Rosé of BLACKPINK!


This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin
Clear & Treat Acne Set (P99)
This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

Tomato & Gluta Bright Eye Roller Serum (P259)


Their vast portfolio includes skin-loving products like the Clear & Treat Acne Set, which helps treat both acne and the pigmented scars that come with it. Formulated with Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid, it reduces the accumulation of bacteria and impurities that cause acne breakouts and clogged pores, while the Dragon Blood extract aids in delivering a smoother appearance. 


Brighten your under eye area (from a full night of bingeing on Netflix) with the Tomato & Gluta Bright Eye Roller Serum, blended with Tomato extract that delays wrinkles and revives tired eyes, along with Glutathione to illuminate dullness.


This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

Vitamin C & E Brightening & Moisturizing Cream (P239)
This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Body Peeling Gel (P179)


The Vitamin C & E Brightening & Moisturizing Cream reveals a brighter, firmer complexion made with a beautiful blend of Vitamin C and E. It also helps brighten hyperpigmentation with Jojoba Oil and Snail Mucin. Best of all, its quick-drying and non-tacky formula can be used both on your face and body!


Gently exfoliate skin with the mild yet concentrated Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Body Peeling Gel. Enriched with natural Tea Tree extract, it inhibits the growth of bacteria that could cause acne. It also helps soothe skin with Aloe Vera extract to offer you healthy-looking, moisturized skin.


Get to know Baby Bright’s natural beauty gifts at the official stores on Shopee, Lazada and BeautyMNL.


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Bloom & Glow with Innisfree’s Jeju Cherry Blossom Line  

Exclusive offers await all-month long 


For September, we’re highlighting the bestselling Jeju Cherry Blossom line from Innisfree. Exclusive offers await in-store and via call to deliver. Buy any Jeju Cherry Blossom product, and get a Cherry Blossom Cream (10ml) for free. Purchase any Jeju Cherry Blossom set, and get 30% off on other Cherry Blossom sets. Need product recommendations? 


This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream (P1,300)
This September, We’re Highlighting Better-Than-Ever Brows & Baby Bright Skin

Jeju Cherry Blossom Jam Cleanser (P690)


Start off your essential double cleanse with a gel-to-foam, pH-balanced jam cleanser infused with natural betaine, which adds moisture to skin. Wash off sweat, sunscreen and impurities from a full day, and get that covetable glass-like glow. 


Get an instant glow-up with Innisfree’s bestselling Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream that instantly brightens up dull and tired complexion while keeping it moisturized. The lightweight, moist formula contains the Jeju king cherry blossom leaf extract, which vitalizes and evens out skin tone. It even has the hero brightening ingredient, niacinamide! 


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September isn’t over, and we’re looking forward to what else is in store from beauty brands! For now, we’re focusing on better-than-ever brows and baby bright skin. 



Header Photos Issy & Co. 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 


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