Pride After Pride by Wonder Factory

Wonder Factory’s Pride After Pride Collection Is Here


November 12, 2021
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The Wonder Factory Pride After Pride release is dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies



June feels like ages ago, but still fresh in our minds is how busy that month was for the LGBTQIA+. As allies and, some of us, members of the community, celebrating a second Pride Month in quarantine didn’t put a stop on raising awareness or rallying for inclusivity. It got us thinking about life after Pride Month and what Pride might look like then. 


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Are we making good on keeping the same energy after June (and eventually, as we circle back to it again)? This led us to an idea: a tangible kind of allegiance and a way to wear your support proudly. Welcome to Pride After Pride.


Our spin-off label Wonder Factory is back at it; this time, it offers a series of graphic t-shirts that highlight segments of the LGBTQIA+ and awareness talking points like the basics of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (or SOGIE). Scroll through to check out the full lineup.

“The Gays™” tee (front)

“The Gays™” tee (back)

“Smile if You’re an Ally” tee (front)

“Smile if You’re an Ally” tee (back)

“Support Your Local Drag Queens” tee (front)

“Support Your Local Drag Queens” tee (back)

“Filipino Trans Lives Matter” tee (front)

“Filipino Trans Lives Matter” tee (back)

“Pride After Pride” tee (front)

“Pride After Pride” tee (back) 



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Shop the Pride after Pride collection exclusively on For more updates, follow Wonder on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

Photography Alan Segui

Makeup Pam Carreon

Models Alan Segui and Gabriel Turro

Produced by Wonder

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