Wonder Plays Dress-Up: Masculine/ Feminine

Wonder Plays Dress-Up: Masculine/ Feminine

We’re exploring menswear this time around. A how-to, yes, but more than that, Xandro Miguell's journey to self-acceptance



This month, Wonder Plays Dress Up takes on menswear and looks into the idea of how expressing oneself through the clothes we wear can be so liberating—or limiting when you are told to dress a certain way. Masculine/ Feminine is the story of young creative Xandro Miguell and his journey to self-acceptance.


“I would wear the most masculine clothes possible even though it felt so uncomfortable just to hide my true identity”


“Don’t be afraid to be who you are,” says Xandro, whether in who you love or what you choose to wear. Watch his story unfold in the video below and scroll further down for a shirt and short story featuring classic to contemporary pieces you can play up or down with styling tips to try. 


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dress up SHIRT UP

Add a little more personality to a great white shirt by wearing a round neck inner or a bow in a neutral color, or both. Button up, down and fold the cuffs as you would.


White shirt, black round neck long-sleeved shirt and black leather belt, UNIQLO, black tailored trousers, KELVIN MORALES, Chuck 70 High Top sneakers in egret, CONVERSE  



Layer shirts with similar prints or patterns together for some texture. Pair it with trousers in a similar shade for a tonal look. 


Blue striped long-sleeved shirt, RAFE X BENCH/, navy EZY ankle pants, UNIQLO, Chuck 70 Pride High Top sneakers, CONVERSE

dressing up | Wonder


dress up 2 | Wonder TAKE THE PLUNGE

Feeling brave? Button your shirt all the way down and tuck it in your shorts.


Printed Extra Fine Cotton shirt, khaki shorts and leather belt, UNIQLO, blue striped socks, BENCH/, navy sandals, PEDRO



Don’t be afraid to wear colors and textures that feel like second skin. Invest in a piece that you can wear alone or as an additional layer, in hot or cool temperatures.  


Nude sheer coat, KELVIN MORALES, white shorts, BENCH/, purple suede sneakers, CONVERSE

Wonder Plays Dress-Up: Masculine/ Feminine


Wonder Plays Dress-Up: Masculine/ Feminine FEELING ELECTRIC

Try on two contrasting pieces you wouldn’t normally wear together, like a structured blazer and shorts. Opt for fabrics with a sheen finish for a look you can take out at night. Oh and skip the inner shirt just because.


Black structured blazer, KELVIN MORALES, black kando shorts, UNIQLO, black embellished wallet with chain-link strap, PEDRO, Chuck 70 Pride High Top sneakers, CONVERSE


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Starring Xandro Miguell

Video by Ian Francisco

Art direction by Alexandra Lara

Produced by Sarah Santiago

Makeup Boggy Diaz of New Monarq Creativx

Hair JA Feliciano


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