Wonder Wardrobe August 2023: Collaborations Gone Wild

Wonder Wardrobe August 2023: Collaborations Gone Wild

This month’s Wonder Wardrobe brings you some of the coolest collaborations in fashion



When great minds come together, something good becomes even greater. And this is the gift that the realm of fashion has given us this August. With some of the coolest collaborations hitting shops this month, Wonder Wardrobe is your guide to everything you should keep on your radar!


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Levi’s x Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghibli is at it again


Where fashion meets fantasy, the exclusive Levi's x Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke collaboration showcases iconic denim pieces inspired by greenery, forests and spirit themes. Serving as a celebration of nature's raw beauty, each garment is a canvas painted with intricate details, echoing the film's take on environmentalism and a return to the wild. From denim jackets adorned with Kodama spirits to jeans embellished with forest motifs, this collaboration is a testament to the juxtaposition of urban style and mythical allure.


Wonder Wardrobe August 2023: Collaborations Gone Wild


The Levi's x Princess Mononoke collaboration is more than fashion—it's a journey into a world where dreams and denim intertwine. Elevate your wardrobe with pieces that resonate with the mystique of the forest and the power of the human spirit. 


Check out Levi’s website for more information on the collaboration.


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Bottega Veneta returns to the world of film this Qixi

Celebrating love with “Towards You” 


In celebration of Qixi, China’s festival of romance, Bottega Veneta’s new film Towards You explores the universality of love today. Love’s intricacies are told through a multiplicity of characters running through different cities in China and, rather than expected endings, the film focuses on the pure joy of racing towards love as they encounter strangers or past lovers along the way.



Towards You isn’t the first film Bottega Veneta has worked on; it is actually their third collaboration with Jess Jing Zou, commissioned by creative director Matthieu Blazy. The film establishes Blazy’s value of self-expression with the message that the truest luxury in life is to be oneself.


Visit Bottega Veneta at Greenbelt 4 and Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing. Visit this link or follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information. 


Love, Bonito turns 13

And the celebration is as stylish as ever


We have all been Love, Bonito fans in one way or another, so it feels like a momentous occasion to celebrate 13 years of the fashion brand this month! So in celebration of their 13th anniversary, Love, Bonito spotlights 13 iconic styles that have shaped the brand into who they are today.


Wonder Wardrobe August 2023: Collaborations Gone Wild


In true birthday fashion, the brand anchors its Best of the Best collection with a vivid magenta hue to represent the fearless and passionate women within its community. The brand would be nowhere today without the support of their Love, Bonito girlies! And to make the celebration even more grand, customers can check out the Best of the Best collection and enjoy #LBCommunity perks, including a special partnership with ATOMM Studios this August!


Visit the Love, Bonito website or follow @lovebonitoph on Instagram for more information.


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adidas’ star-studded Z.N.E collection

Featuring some of the biggest names 


Experience the ultimate blend of style and comfort with adidas Z.N.E. Sportswear. Reinventing the iconic Z.N.E. silhouette, this collection merges innovative materials with versatile designs. From the Women’s World Cup Expression to the Premium Overhead Hoodie and Shorts ensemble, each outfit effortlessly marries fashion and ease. Take it from the campaign's endorsers (some of the biggest names in their respective industries): Jenna Ortega, Hoyeon, Alessia Russo, Melanie Leupolz, Anthony Edwards and David Yang. 



Elevate your wardrobe with comfort and style, now available at global in-store locations and on the adidas website



Cute and functional, Doughnut’s Kaleido Series has endless styling possibilities


Doughnut, founded in 2010, is the brainchild of two fresh grads on a search for the perfect travel backpack. Today, the duo has built a brand that’s distributed across different markets around the globe. 


This season, and just in time for school, Doughnut introduces the Kaleido Series made up of tiny and can-fit-everything bags. The collection takes inspiration from the iridescence of outer space and the infinite possibilities the future holds. Peep pieces from the collection below:



Our favorite features? These bags are water-repellent, have a padded compartment for better safekeeping and come with cute heart-shaped accessories! 


Check out the full collection here.


LOEWE and Kenshi Yonezu 

In celebration of 50 years in Japan


LOEWE teams up with iconic singer-songwriter and artist Kenshi Yonezu for their FW23 men's collection campaign to create a fashion exhibit that marries both the design philosophies of LOEWE and Kenshi Yonezu as an artist. Captured by Arnaud Lajeunie, the campaign showcases Yonezu in LOEWE's latest ensembles. Set against blurred backgrounds, Yonezu dons standout pieces, from metal angel-winged shirts to nappa lambskin coats and even the new Puzzle Fold tote bag.



The campaign offers glimpses into Yonezu's creative space, surrounded by novels and memorabilia that have been pillars in his journey to establishing his creative identity. The exhibit takes place at LOEWE Omotesando and CASA LOEWE Tokyo from August 16 to 23, and outdoor exhibits extend nationwide.


Visit LOEWE at Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing and Greenbelt 3. Visit this link or follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.


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