Y2K Fashion in 2022: What’s Hot and What’s Overdone

Y2K Fashion in 2022: What’s Hot and What’s Overdone

For Y2K fashion, we’re seeing the resurgence of the noughties through attitude and textiles



The revival of Von Dutch babes, and shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl have influenced our modern take on street style. From Bella Hadid to Olivia Rodrigo, the Y2K fashion trend has become one of the most sought after aesthetics today. But what makes it so special? It all comes down to dopamine dressing.


In an age of political issues and a global pandemic, there isn’t a lot of space for comfort. People are trying to find their zen, and sometimes it’s through retail therapy. As we know, early 2000s nostalgia is easily accessible through online shops and social media. Traveling back to a time when all we worried about were Lindsay Lohan’s trials seems to be the go-to therapy sesh nowadays.


With two years of intense love and loss come the need to fulfill our hedonistic nature. And nostalgia is the perfect candidate. We’re out here shamelessly romanticizing our lives behind cute clothes that make us feel better. As superficial as it sounds, we seem to collectively agree that we’re at a point where we shouldn’t take anything for granted. We might as well do and wear whatever we want while we have the chance.


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It’s hard to miss a Y2K fit with the oversaturation of content on social media, but we’ve got a list of what’s hot and what’s overstayed its welcome:


What’s Hot



The corset is the embodiment of feminine sexuality and power. Not only is it waist-snatching and flattering, but it makes a bra unnecessary, too. The comeback initiated by Vivienne Westwood doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It's an iconic piece under everyone's list of favorites.



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Midi Skirts

The most versatile skirt for every season. From office wear to casual nights out, the midi skirt can be paired with anything, and you'll look put together no matter what.



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The fun assortment of colors and patterns has made this needlecraft trend one of the most worn in 2022. With an increase in knitwear during the pandemic, Gen Z has turned classic granny squares into quirky fits.



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Baggy Graphic Tees

Also known as the shirt worn in a million different ways, you can never go wrong with a classic oversized graphic tee. When in doubt, the retro tee will always categorize you as the cool kid.



Matrix Coats and Faux Fur

Swap out your basic trench coats for leather or fur lining, and you’ll feel like the baddest in the room. We’re living out our best Lizzie McGuire lives through cyberpunk chic attires.



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What’s Overdone


Tiny Sunglasses

The ‘90s trend that somehow made its way into the early 2000s has overstayed its welcome. It’s not only impractical, but down-right expired. So, what’s the hype? Tiny sunglasses started simply as accessories for the elite with tag prices as high as US$1,000. But fast fashion saw an opportunity to market it for less, and suddenly everyone wanted their hands on what used to be an exclusive item.



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Exposed thongs

From Paris Hilton to Hailey Bieber, the skimpy trend has made its way from paparazzi photos to red carpet events. As we've seen with corsets, lingerie has been favorable as outerwear, but this is another ball game that needs to stay under the radar.



Butterfly Motifs

Hear me out. The butterfly trend is an iconic statement that resurfaced early last year. But symbolisms tend to wear out, and this certainly did. Subtle nods and unique takes are an exception, but seeing a flood of butterfly images on social media amongst the sea of fast fashion brands has got to go.



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Furry bags

The furry bag trend brings us back to our childhood when we used to play dress-up. But now that we’re older, it still looks like a child’s bag. There’s no reason as to why the furry bag is popular other than its fluffy texture. Some bags are definitely timeless, but others have to stay in the past.



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Low-rise Jeans

We have reached a new low with a denim trend we thought had been buried in a time capsule. As if our middle-school low-rise phase was not enough, the trend’s resurrected to cater to slim-figured women—highlighting the toxicity of body image in the early 2000s. If you dig deep into your old memories of tabloids and media, it was an era of fatphobia.


In an article by Refinery29, several women have admitted that they're still recovering from this trend, but a handful are welcoming it back. Considering that the trend has recently resurfaced, there is still hope for it to make a healthier turn towards body positivity. If Gen Z decides to adapt the style to this day and age of size inclusivity, then maybe (just maybe) it could work out.



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It's clear that Gen Z has revived the Y2K phenomenon to relive our Teenage Dirtbag era, but this time, as the cool kids. Despite this list of what’s hot and what’s not, it’s important to note that you’re the own boss of your life, and you get to decide what and how you want to dress.


We're curious to know which Y2K fashion trends are your favorites and what needs to go. Sound off in the comments below!



Words Marga Sibug

Art Chelsy Estrada


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