Zoom-Ready Hairstyles For Your Next Video Meeting

Zoom-Ready Hairstyles For Your Next Video Meeting

The easiest, breeziest Zoom-friendly hairstyles to keep you looking cute under lockdown



From Zoom meetings to quick essential errands, we’ve got you covered with hairstyles that require minimum effort and provide maximum results. The hardest part about working from home is separating your work from your home life. Getting ready (at least from the waist up) is a good way to start! 


By dressing up and getting ready, you’re tricking your brain to “leave” for the office even if you’re well aware that you won’t. Just like fixing your desk to clear your mind, doing your hair could give the same amount of mental clarity. It’s the little things, here and there, that make adjusting to the new norm bearable each day. 


It’s so tempting to stay in your baggy pambahay because that’s what feels comfortable. But taking a few minutes to get ready could be as satisfying as making your bed. You’ll feel better knowing you did something for you! 


Here are some easy-breezy hairstyles you could do in less than 10 minutes without a ton of tools or products. It’s basically a guide for the Zoom hustler in a rush. 


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Timeless Low Bun


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Got a Zoom call in five minutes? Take two to tie it into a low bun. The timeless low bun is the easiest quick fix for all lengths. The best part? Whether it’s sleek or undone, it will still look like you actually tried! Pair your bun with some trendy hoops and you’re all set. If you’ve got no makeup on, throw on a red lip and it’ll be chic. 


Tip: Keep a brush and a hair tie at your desk at all times! 


The Grande Faux Bang


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The queen of updos is Miss Ariana Grande herself. We’ve seen her rock a slicked back high ponytail for years, but today, it has matured into a ‘60s sophisticated hairdo that many celebrities try to emulate. Catriona Gray, Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and Vanessa Hudgens are a few big names who’ve recently tried the trend. 


The style is so versatile that it can be worn from red carpets to shoots, and now Zoom meetings! The faux side bang with hair wrapped around the hair tie makes it seem like you’ve put in at least 30 minutes of your time. The secret is, it only takes two!


The Braided Pony


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The braided pony is the ultimate go-to for an untamed mane. Amp up your average ponytail by braiding it down and adding a few accessories (or not). Either way, the extra bit of effort adds a professional flare to any casual meeting. If slicked back coiffures aren’t your thing, a sweet side braid would do just fine. It’s less of an arm workout for sure! 


Baby Spice Chic


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Space buns and ‘90s pigtails are resurfacing again throughout the feeds of influencers who are playing with fun looks from the comfort of their own homes. For casual meetings with friends or possible Zoom parties, these youthful options could be your next style venture.  


Inspired by Baby Spice, the double-sided updo can be worn for work meetings if kept neat and tidy. However, it’s probably best for e-numan sessions with friends and family. 


The Milkmaid Braid Comeback 


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On last week’s episode of Hot Ones, Jessica Alba brought back the Milkmaid Braid! The fact that Alba chose this style to eat a bunch of hot wings while on video call is solid proof that it’s Zoom approved. This isn’t the first time the Honest Beauty CEO has worn this hairstyle. Alba wore this look for many red-carpet events back when social distancing didn’t exist. 


Although complicated at first glance, the boho chic hairstyle is a lot quicker than it looks and you don’t need a hairstylist!



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Say goodbye to bedhead work days! Make your hairstylists proud by following any of these quick hairstyles. At the very least, you can’t go wrong with the first option! 



Words Marga Sibug

Art Mathew Fetlaver

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