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Yes, I got on the LED Light Mask train     Who else is feeling exhausted from lockdown? The lack of space, of boundaries, of time (surprisingly) for everything has left me feeling and looking worn out. I don’t know about you, but

Here’s a little treat for the senses: new scents from beloved brands, skin-clearing and soothing solutions, and more

Self-care and expressing our individual styles are especially important during these times

The trailblazing boy group flexes some serious gender-bending muscle

Lessons on changing mindsets, waking up and sleeping early, and the tools you need to do it all     There was a time when mothers were limited to staying home to take care of their children while career-driven women were predicted to

We break down the dynamic beauty looks IV of Spades sported in our August cover story

New drops and refreshed favorites from beloved brands     It’s that time of the month again and just in case you were looking to update or upgrade your own beauty counter, here’s a list of beauty products and skin potions from tried

Guys, there's no need to be intimidated by skincare. makes the foray into the skincare world easy with basic regimens for different skin types.

An easy Burt’s Bees lip care routine to keep those puckers soft, smooth and hydrated

We break down the most common fragrance jargons to help you find your one true scent

We talk about something private: your privates. What pubic hair grooming habits do Pinoys practice?

Putting to light a decades’ old problem, Drake and Millie Bobby Brown might be the new poster duo for grooming

Here’s to better arches and lashes (and a shorter beauty routine!)

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