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If you’re up for a different kind of Halloween, why not take an adventure to some of these haunted places in the Philippines?

The season is definitely calling for some horror games     Some people like to celebrate the end of October with drinks in crowded bars and loud music. Others sleep in to prepare for the next morning’s traffic and the succeeding hours under

In a world that’s scared of clowns, ghosts and serial killers, we still have to put up with real life horrors we experience on the daily

Looking for Halloween costume inspo? Here are our favorite movie freaks for your consideration

We’re listing down some easy Halloween drinks you need to master for a spooktacular good time

Tell us who you are and we’ll tell you who you should be     Few things are as daunting as being caught unawares. Case in point: when you have a grand total of zero costume ideas when people ask what you’re going

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