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Do you think you're suffering from burnout? Take the quiz and get a verdict.

A crash course in female contraceptives 101, because the condom isn't your only option.

Looking to try a new workout in 2019? We give you a starting point.

Healthy ingredients you'll actually want to include in your diet  Whether or not you’ve delved into deep research about health and weight loss, chances are if we asked you to name a superfood, you could do so without any trouble at

checks shower drain, gets shocked  My hair has been cut, styled, colored, treated as far back as my pre-teens. I’ve gone from side-swept bangs to wispy and fringed, full color to (tacky) streaks and highlights, short to really long and 80s

More importantly, should you get in on it?  One particular visit to my son’s dentist had us talking about pregnancy and how it’s a little harder to get pregnant these days—yes, regardless of age. In the flurry of medical terms and

Tips on what and how to eat  It’s difficult to draw a line between right and wrong eating. Is there even a correct way to eat, or a right food to eat at the right time? With all kinds of celebrity-approved

It feels great and weird at the same. Here’s what you need to know about going commando, from the health benefits to when it’s most ideal to ditch that underwear

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