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Say hello to Korean R&B sensation, Dean     If your idea of Korean music stops at the bounds of Psy’s Gangnam Style and a couple of tracks from BTS, you’ve barely scraped the surface. Lesser-known to the global audience but armed with

Because apparently cleavage and feminism can’t coexist     The topic of sex appeal in K-Pop is something of a gray area. It’s a little ironic, really. There’s no doubt that a large fraction of the industry relies on it. If there were

There’s more to it than just pretty boys and guyliner     Nobody’s ever said that your phone’s wallpaper is the window to your soul, but somebody really ought to put that thought out into the universe. Hear me out: we peer at

A crash course in turning heads from Korea’s hot-right-now provocateurs     Triple H brings a different kind of seduction to the table.   A unit formed by Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn and girl group member-turned-soloist Hyuna, this trio is shaking up the Korean

For 22-year-old Holland, bravery takes form in music     Let’s start things off with a comparative study of sorts.   Imagine the local showbiz scene, or go big and think of Hollywood even. Try to think of all the openly gay or lesbian celebrities

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