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"I quite like writing songs where it doesn't restrict love to being just romantic"

Get moving with some help from adidas Heat.RDY

mxmtoon unpacks a whirlwind of change: quarantine habits, performing online and realizing her demons might not be demons at all

Since when did the idea of body confidence become so toxic?

I learned that I wasn’t getting enough Vitamin D during quarantine

No, it’s not to upskill or be more productive     It’s been eight weeks since enhanced community quarantine was announced. Today’s weather is 36 degrees hot but feels more like a 41. I can easily relieve myself with a cold shower

On common pitfalls and what you can do to keep your sanity in check

Manage anxiety and stress in the time of quarantine 

We might not have millions of subscribers but we’re tied by a common thread: burn-out

Because the path to personal growth requires you to know who you really are     It took decades, failed relationships (romantic and platonic) and a series of life-changing events for me to realize two things about myself: I am not the easiest

To further create a "less pressurized environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves" 

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