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The importance of flossing the mind and what you can do to maintain good mental hygiene

Society is more welcoming to complaints of fatigue over claims of men’s mental health issues; something physical is more acceptable. Why?

For the one tending to the flock: Find the right balance and set boundaries.

Since when did the idea of body confidence become so toxic?

Do you think you're suffering from burnout? Take the quiz and get a verdict.

Why the act itself is not wrong and how motivations behind it can affect your mental health

This year, She Talks Asia takes on a woman’s worth, including how to value yourself, how to balance your life and the importance of mental health

Call out culture is not a new concept—but it’s a concept we’ve yet to master

When you choose to turn your back on the toxic people in your life, you’re doing yourself a favor

Stop saying sorry for the sake of saying sorry  With all due respect to Sir Elton John, I have a question: If sorry is the hardest word, then why do we use it like a filler for awkward situations? We say sorry

Shedding further light on mental health awareness through the eyes of an oft anxiety-ridden writer

Note to self: go on a mental health cleanse, especially when the busiest months of the year kick in

The easy-to-follow everyday symptom-diagnosis-treatment routine for a lighter mental load.

A study in everyday escapism  You know that special feeling that comes over you when you pop the button of those too-tight jeans after a big binge meal or the sense of relief that washes over your system the moment you

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