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Something new and different, yet heart-wrenching all the same

These GIFF films might just do the trick     In the interest of saving our sanity but not forgetting the difficult times we’re in, may we present you with a way to help out and be entertained?   The .giff Festival Of New Cinema

A look at a wildly entertaining, true-crime docuseries that’s a Shakespearean tragedy decked in head-to-toe animal print

Greta Gerwig gives her take on Louisa May Alcott’s classic

It’s a rom-com that begins and ends like one     Warning: Spoilers ahead.   To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You begins like most romance movies do: a montage of a girl getting ready for her first-ever real date. This is

Where the DC movie wins and where it’s lacking, and the hope for a better sequel

Don’t brush it off     These were the only things I knew about 1917 before actually seeing the movie: The trailer (it’s a war movie, which, as great as the genre is, isn’t exactly new) The Golden Globe win and That it

We get to know Rosie Perez and her character Detective Renee Montoya. Plus, she let's us in on the cast's palpable chemistry on and off-screen

Think you’re a certified 2010s kid? This quiz will put you to the test

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