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A fan talks about the Kanye effect amidst the artist’s recent rants and provocations

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Karpos Live Mix 9 is pushing a killer combo to the fore: multi-instrumentalist FKJ and South Korean indie band ADOY

Musician ((( O ))) talks her philosophy, 12-year music project and the first Sundrop Gathering  There’s something wonderful about how neo-soul artist ((( O ))) sees the world. Where most of us are simply go through the motions of the day-to-day,

A bible to guide you through the overwhelming number of upcoming K-Pop shows in Manila

K-Pop idols are challenging gender norms as we know them, but is it enough?

In a society that’s learned to value technology above all else, art has taken a back seat. So do we really have space for music organizations?

Philippine show business has a problem, and it looks a lot like GT’s viral performance

Alternatively entitled, Queen 101: A Deep Dive Into All the Things K-Pop Star Chungha is Doing Right

We know you’ve been thinking about that IV of Spades member  Music binds people—that’s practically a fact of life. How else can you explain tearing up at your favorite band’s concert or turning to a specific song when the day’s going

Niki Colet, the woman behind Endless Summer, takes us through her two-year journey towards an album that sings love and growing up

Francesco Pellegrin reinvents music-making with the mundane, the everyday, the ordinary. Who knew fruits and office supplies could be so musical?

The Vowels They Orbit addresses the green-eyed monster we all know too well at the launch of their music video for Selos

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