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Pop culture is wilderness. Nothing makes sense out there, and that's why we love it so much.

We've watched Drake and Kanye dabble in all sorts of genres and there are women who do just the same. Take these underrated girl rappers, for example.

Olivia Rodrigo might be a global pop phenomenon, but she's just like any 18-year-old underneath it all.

It's just like using YouTube—without the side effect of an overheating phone

It’s one thing to take down a single, but half of the K-pop industry to disappeared off the platform at the drop of a hat.

“Hold on, if love is the answer you’re home.”

Here's to life before the streaming giant, lest we forget

Being in love is great, but this having this playlist to nurse your pandemic heartbreak might just be even better

From SHINee to Saweetie, here are the new albums set to drop in 2021

"By listening and taking other's perspectives and people's experiences, it produces empathy in you"

Despite these seemingly hopeless times, Journey frontman Arnel Pineda remains hopeful.

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