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But when Trese premiered, these two managed to steal the spotlight from their serious bossing.

Move to Heaven argues that not all is lost. That death isn’t the end, but a midpoint.

Filipino dubs might not be for you but they’re very much necessary.

This show is pouring with Filipino excellence and we can’t wait to see it all over our screens soon!

Will League of Legends fans, players and theorists be getting more answers? Or will Arcane have its viewers asking more questions once it drops?

If you’re looking for the next title to watch or to recommend to your Mom Figures, check out these Mother’s Day films

Much like its earlier episodes, the Vincenzo finale was just as jaw-dropping, scream-inducing and mind-blowing.

Mark your calendars because for TV and film, 2021 is a gift that keeps on giving.

With what Netflix has told us so far, we’ve got a lot more questions running through our heads.

If you’re planning to fall down the rabbit hole of all things Korean—music, variety shows and dramas—the upcoming long weekend is the best opportunity to do so

If you feel like you’ve watched everything on Netflix, better think again

The documentary series, despite its faults in storytelling, puts forth a chillingly relevant reminder

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