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The good, the bad, the in between and the now to consider

No, it’s not to upskill or be more productive     It’s been eight weeks since enhanced community quarantine was announced. Today’s weather is 36 degrees hot but feels more like a 41. I can easily relieve myself with a cold shower

Understanding the problem with strong-casting women

“At some point in life, I’d forgotten to feel the full spectrum of feelings”     How often have you and I heard the expression, “mind over matter?” In my experience, countless; said to me by family, peers, immediate supervisors and most especially

You and I might’ve been wrong about everything     For a while now, a colleague and I have noticed a behavioral pattern among fresh graduates and new-to-the-workforce job seekers. They all seem to speak from a this-is-what-I-deserve perspective because they came from

What does it mean to dress up like a man anyway?     Of the digital covers Wonder has had, three were headlined by men—Unique Salonga for April, Jason Dhakal for July and IV of Spades for August. The men we’ve featured and

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