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The latest SB19 comeback track, MAPA, takes the words we’re often too shy to say out of our mouths.

Kakie Pangilinan gives us a liberating reminder to feel all our feelings, no matter how big or small or fleeting.

Leave all your shit at the door; in All That, Ylona reminds us to start anew

Being in love is great, but this having this playlist to nurse your pandemic heartbreak might just be even better

The Pinoy music scene deserves its three cheers (or ten) for all the hits and coping fodder it’s given us this year

Despite these seemingly hopeless times, Journey frontman Arnel Pineda remains hopeful.

Sonik 2020 Goes Digital with Talks and Performances Worth Watching

Leanne and Naara's Keeping Me Up marks a refreshing new chapter in the duo's discography

Wonder Fresh this month features the soundtrack to Keiko Necesario's life, as curated by the songstress herself

SB19's first full album, Get In The Zone!, is finally out in the open

Ben&Ben is teaming up for Puhon!, a fundraising show to combat COVID-19

The Pinoy boy band is going on a free nationwide tour     There are a number of ways to tell if someone––a celebrity or a pop group, for instance––is the real deal. Rising from the ranks and becoming an internet sensation is

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