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It’s said often enough that no one is perfect and that no relationship is perfect, so let’s not beat around the bush. We asked what partners what to change about each other

Comedian Daniel Sloss gives us a wake-up call: we've romanticized love for far too long.

Find out which romance author is your spirit animal in love and literature.

Thanks to the 13th Spring Film Festival, you can watch A Tale Of Three Cities starting January 30, 2019

Relationship deal breakers: Real or imagined?     You know how when you’re a kid watching some romantic comedy you think you understand, and you look at the protagonist and think you want his/her characteristics in your own partner one day? Or maybe

Indie movies are growing in number by the year, but where do we, as film-watchers, first dip our feet?

Do you remember your first kiss? Your best? And—eww—your worst? Well, these people give us the dirty, the cheesy and everything in between.

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