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Where does the divide lie between spirituality versus religion?

As the new year approaches, what things do we want to bring and leave in 2019?

“Skincare first, makeup second” reverberated in the very core of my being until these same products which gave me an uplifted sense of self-confidence became a source of shame.

Is there value in subscribing to a religion? Does logic trump faith? Guest writer Matt Leopoldo attempts to give us answers

A writer intimates her varying definitions of confidence and how she finally came to understand what it truly means

Because you need to start living your best life     There’s nothing that gives anyone—and we mean anyone—a rush quite like the end and the beginning of the year. The few days after Christmas and just before New Year elicit feelings of

Filipino men and women sound off on the cosmetic changes they want for themselves and what they think of those who have gone or want to go under the knife in the name of beauty

Because real life doesn’t come with a manual

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