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Exploring relationships not limited to the couple format and understanding what else is out there

“Honestly, I thought there was something wrong with my vagina”     Let me be clear, I once enjoyed sex and its full spectrum—solo sex, monogamous sex, casual sex, straight sex, gay sex, etc. But just as partners vary, so does the pleasurability.

Introducing erotic hypnosis, a hands-free orgasm-inducing method that some claim to be more instense than actual sex

What is micro-cheating and talking boundaries with your partner

Because you have to think of yourself first

We all have memories of those favorite non-sex movie scenes that get us going despite the lack in touching. Don’t deny it!

And, well, low-key judging     Safe and consensual sex on the regular is great. Science says it’s good for the heart, too. Adding a few kinks which could be a person’s sexual interests, preferences or stuff that make up their wet dreams,

Of almost-threesomes, chocolate-slathered bodies, home videos and warranted oversharing

Stephanie Sarley fingers fruit––and shatters the male gaze and internalized misogyny while she's at it

On straight or LGBTQIA couples and human beings in general

Why the act itself is not wrong and how motivations behind it can affect your mental health

Despite the present stigma on them, the origin of sex toys actually proves that they’ve been around for centuries—and were used for various reasons

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