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A crash course in female contraceptives (because the condom isn't your only option)

Because you have to think of yourself first

Have a reproductive health question? Ask Mara  At times, I find myself wishing that the big “the birds and the bees” talk that parents give their kids were replaced by a big introduction to the idea of protection instead. Hear me

We all have memories of those favorite non-sex movie scenes that get us going despite the lack in touching. Don’t deny it!

And, well, low-key judging  Safe and consensual sex on the regular is great. Science says it’s good for the heart, too. Adding a few kinks which could be a person’s sexual interests, preferences or stuff that make up their wet dreams,

Of almost-threesomes, chocolate-slathered bodies, home videos and warranted oversharing

Stephanie Sarley fingers fruit––and shatters the male gaze and internalized misogyny while she's at it

On straight or LGBTQIA couples and human beings in general  The time I “formally” came out to family was pretty straightforward as it could get. I invited them out for dinner so I could tell them the truth that the woman

Why the act itself is not wrong and how motivations behind it can affect your mental health

Despite the present stigma on them, the origin of sex toys actually proves that they’ve been around for centuries—and were used for various reasons

Gender splits us in more ways than one. This time, we’re asking how virginity is seen through the eyes of boys and girls

The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is a curious one. Here, we sit down with someone who lives a little closer to their world.

This sex store wants you to have all the good sex and self-pleasure, minus the stigma. World, meet Ilya.

Enjoying sex depends on a lot of things: the partner, the emotions, some spontaneity and definitely sex position. Tick one off now.

Got a sex pet peeve? You’re not alone. Men and women share what gets them turned on or off

If you let it that is  The first time I bought a dildo with a built-in vibrator was in 2008. It was hot pink and as big as a non-Filipino dick. My then-partner and I got one out of curiosity and

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