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A time-honored tradition of so many millennials. But seriously, WHY the unsolicited dick pics?      The first reports of “sexting” go back to 2005 in The Sunday Telegraph, though if we want to include all the naughtiness that came from AOL instant

Because you have to think of yourself first

A crash course in female contraceptives (because the condom isn't your only option)

How often do you and your partner get down to business?

Guys, the average Filipino is 4.3 inches

Exploring relationships not limited to the couple format and understanding what else is out there

“Honestly, I thought there was something wrong with my vagina”     Let me be clear, I once enjoyed sex and its full spectrum—solo sex, monogamous sex, casual sex, straight sex, gay sex, etc. But just as partners vary, so does the pleasurability.

Introducing erotic hypnosis, a hands-free orgasm-inducing method that some claim to be more instense than actual sex

What is micro-cheating and talking boundaries with your partner

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