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As a woman, I ask: Do male beauty standards have bearing on real men?     I grew up with girls that skipped their lunches to lose a few inches, that perfected makeup in high school to accentuate cheekbones and pucker their lips.

When it comes to your career, there are so many things to factor in: dress, attitude, quality of output and—yes—online etiquette at work

Does anyone still remember what life was like before social media? Is anyone capable of living without it now?

Meet Insta’s more authentic sibling: Finsta.

A toxic lifestyle peddled as the future-forward road to winning at work

A candid account of an Insta newbie as she talks overcoming FOMO, self-control and offline relationships     Once a lowly photo social app, Instagram has now become larger than (online) life itself. “Photos or it didn’t happen,” as absurd an unspoken rule

The world wide web today, free speech and why we’re just not having it

Appropriation versus appreciation versus ignorance     “Cultural appropriation,” buzzwords frequently used by the self-satisfied watchdogs of the internet, hasn’t stopped stirring the pot since the dawn of the Woke™ generation. But has confronting these offenders actually improved the dialogue on the subject? The

In the wake of Facebook’s data breach scandal, a take two on smartphone security is needed now more than ever

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives, but is your use actually an addiction?

For someone that runs a social media empire, he sure is private!

Everyone knows that too much of one thing is a bad thing—and when it comes to technology, nothing can be truer.

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