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Even if it is littered with common YA tropes and clichés     I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen too many fairies (fairy-inspired shoots and makeup looks) on my Insta the past few weeks that I didn’t think twice about streaming

The 10 official entries are up ahead     Nothing spells Christmas season in the Philippines much like the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. A holiday tradition among many Filipino families as well as a celebration of local talent and cinema, this year’s

Controversial wellness ideas aside, the show attempts to discuss a variety of topics we find hard or shameful to talk about     In this life, many of us know few ways to cope: science, recreation and religion. Science, by which I mean

A look at a wildly entertaining, true-crime docuseries that’s a Shakespearean tragedy decked in head-to-toe animal print

In Queer Eye: We're in Japan!, key cultural differences are highlighted—and challenged

These lead characters challenged stereotypes and paved the way for change in popular media 

Just turned 39 and she continues to shape the way we see beauty—be it through deft contouring or her fifty shades of blonde     Kim Kardashian West, or at least the subject of her, divides people. Some say she’s talentless, while others

A crime-founded love affair, serial killer v. serial killer and—whoops!—the real camp murderer is revealed!      So much truth and yet so much darkness; episode four drops the series’ biggest (at least for now) revelation: the true Camp Redwood killer. We also

Looking for Halloween costume inspo? Here are our favorite movie freaks for your consideration

A whole lotta slashing, impaling and killing—let the body count begin!

WTF’s all around and throughout episode two     AHS:1984 opened on a high note—the opening credits is bomb AF, the cast and costumes were fab excessive, and the madness is just irresistible. But while the series has had its WTF moments in

Why we're so addicted to AHS and it's almost-cheesy-but-not, aerobics meets slasher film-themed season

#OrangeForever     Orange Is The New Black is a series that took me years to even begin watching. Call it aversion to popular culture or severe avoidance of queer bait-y series and movies. BUT the moment my partner and I started watching

A fantastical tribute to a true musical icon for new and hardcore fans alike     Towards the end of Rocketman, Taron Egerton playing larger-than-life rock star Elton John poses a semi-rhetorical question: “Maybe I should’ve tried to be more ordinary.” Although he

We quiz you on the most popular tv shows of all time. How many can you identify?

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