Who’s That Girl: Cat Triviño

Who’s That Girl: Cat Triviño

Meet the woman who turned her passions into a success story


For someone with a busy schedule, you’d think that Cat Triviño wouldn’t be able to spare time for a quick chat on her career, her passions and what it was like growing up outside of Metro Manila. The rest of us can barely carve out enough time for socials, work and sleep, but leave it up to this 26-year-old to make the time anyway—in the middle of the week, no less.


Who's That Girl: Cat Triviño


Fresh out of college at the tender age of 18, Cat moved to Manila and dipped her feet into the working world. She went from a humble startup to an online publication before working on digital PR in the telecom space and then landing the role of Brand PR Manager of one of the country’s leading companies. Anyone else familiar with #HugotStories? Who are we kidding, of course you are.


A glimpse into her online presence will make you think she’s all glitz and glamour, but just an hour with her proved to me just how hard she worked to get to her spot—and how down-to-earth she actually is. The road to success wasn’t exactly an easy one for Cat; in fact, it’s one that a lot of us might be able to relate to.


Like the rest of us, Cat tried on different hats before she found one she wanted to wear for life. She tried her hand at being a flight attendant, did commercials here and there and even entered beauty pageants (and placed, mind you) along the way. But she had a genuine interest in all things digital—I can still hear the slight embarrassment in her voice telling me how many hours she spent on her family computer—and knew that her heart belonged in the corporate space.


Who's That Girl: Cat Triviño


With sheer grit, undeniable talent and amazing grasp of time management, Cat is now part of a PR team that puts together some of our favorite viral stories.


But she didn’t get to the top of the food chain—get it?—alone. She has a family back home and parents that taught her she could do anything if she set her mind to it. Cat wasn’t brought up to be a woman that waited for things to happen to her and she didn’t come from the kind of privilege that could be taken advantage of.


Everything she has? You better know she earned it.



Who's That Girl: Cat Triviño


The thing is, no one gets to a position of power and influence without getting scratched along the way. And because everyone seems to think the internet is a free-for-all, Cat isn’t immune to the occasional online troll. Instead of ignoring the claims and judgement calls, she’s spoken out with class and maturity beyond her years.


She said that speaking is her way of showing younger girls that it’s okay be vocal and that no one should just accept the damage thrown their way—as long as it’s done in a constructive light. Cat, in her time under public light, has learned to inhale negativity and breathe out positivity for the rest of us.



Who's That Girl: Cat Triviño



People might say she’s too young or too pretty, others will claim she’s fake and doing it all for the camera or the ‘gram. But what I learned from my dinner with her is that she isn’t cut from that cloth. Yes, she’s young and no one can doubt that she’s beautiful, but she’s intelligent, hardworking and so much more than a face to photograph and film.


She’s the type of girl who stands firm on her own two feet, the kind of girl who knows how to push back and when to give in. But most especially, Cat Triviño is the type of woman that isn’t afraid to keep learning—and is someone we can all learn a little something from.



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