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FREE Pride and Independence Wallpapers

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Burn, baby, burn. Keep that spark burning & the conversations going even after the hashtags cease trending



Getting a little harder to breathe, isn’t it? It’s like we’re in a perpetual state of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Of being in limbo, not knowing where our next steps or where our social media posts could take us; sick to our core from the circumstances brought about by a global pandemic or a bill susceptible to abuse


You think: all this has an end, right? But everyday headlines and reports do little to save us from sinking into a pit of despair. And then Pride & Independence month came, rousing us from hopelessness and inspiring us even more to use our voice and take action (in as much we can), to continue to uphold the values and the freedom our ancestors believed in and fought for, respectively. But what happens when the month of June ends? When the hashtags cease to trend? Do we keep fighting or do we let the fire die down because no one else is talking about it?


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To keep the conversation and the motivation to fight for good governance going, Wonder teamed up with visual artist Donsuki to create works of art to act as constant reminders to keep our heads up and our ears open. This collaboration was built on the intent of showing two sides of a card—the right-side-up shows positive results when we embody good values, while the opposite side shows the consequences of inaction or intolerance on our community.


Download them for free via the links below and use them as wallpapers on your phones, computer desktops or  Zoom backgrounds—share them to anyone and everyone—so we may never forget, even after all the noise dies down.


To get hi-res copies of these wallpapers, just tap or press the download button on the gallery below:



Click the following download links for high-resolution copies:

Humanity: Mobile Size A – Download Here 

Makabayan: Mobile Size A – Download Here

Liberty: Mobile Size A – Download Here

Pride: Mobile Size A –  Download Here 



Click the following download links for high-resolution copies:

Humanity: Mobile Size BDownload Here

Makabayan: Mobile Size B – Download Here

Liberty: Mobile Size BDownload Here

Pride: Mobile Size B – Download Here



Click the following download links for high-resolution copies:

Humanity: Desktop Size –Download Here

Makabayan: Desktop SizeDownload Here

Liberty: Desktop Size Download Here

Pride: Desktop Size –Download Here



Art Donsuki

About The Author

Time Lord. Jedi. Hobbit. Graphic artist and occasional art director on default panic mode with an obsession for sushi and Brandon Sanderson.


  • Ina M
    July 17, 2020

    these are amazing! I made the “Makabayan” illustration my desktop to serve as a reminder 🙂

  • Evan Aniel
    July 19, 2020

    Thank you for this!

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