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Behind The Scenes Of Wonder x Gabbi Garcia

Behind The Scenes Of Wonder x Gabbi Garcia

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Take a look inside Gabbi Garcia’s January 2019 cover with Wonder



In December 2018, Wonder sat down with Gabbi Garcia for a not-so-little debut cover shoot. Less than four hours later, we had five layouts, two beauty looks, one off-screen interview, one on-camera interview and the start of something new. And with our January theme covering a Hard Reset, Gabbi was the perfect fit—she was and is, after all, rearing to take 2019 by the horns.


Below is the story of what went on behind the scenes. Laughs were exchanged, looks were created and a game we like to call Wordplay with Wonder was played.


What does she think about fashion, about body positivity and how to keep your head on straight in an industry that demands all your attention? Watch the video below to find out!





And if you want to read more about what went on, read our over story Her Hard Reset: Gabbi Garcia Is Stepping Out In A Big Way This 2019.



Starring Gabbi Garcia

Videography and Editing Tamia F. Reodica

Styling Cath Sobrevega

Makeup Jason Delos Reyes

Hair Mark Anthony Sto Domingo-Rosales

Produced by Wonder

Music The Soup by Verified Picasso

Shot at Creativx Studio

Art Alexandra Lara

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