high-end versus budget beauty

Here’s Looking at You: A High-End Versus Budget Beauty Editorial


July 13, 2018
Read Time: 3 minutes

Serving face, face, face doesn’t have to cost a ton, ton, ton of money



The myth has officially been debunked: Earlier this month, Wonder pit expensive against easy-on-the-wallet, designer against drugstore in a beauty brand face-off and found that budget can in fact hold a candle to high-end. We have featured guests Alyssa Lapid and Maxine Lara to thank for the no holds barred product review. In Style Science: The High-End Versus Budget Beauty Showdown, the two beauty girls worked their way through eyebrow pencils, mascara, liquid eyeliner, liquid lipstick and blush with practical, everyday makeup in mind; now it’s time to have some fun with something a little more experimental.


“Here’s Looking at You” is a beauty story about eye-catching makeup featuring stunning morena beauty Arabella Nepomuceno where more is more. It’s one of the few occasions where we’ll gladly celebrate excess. “This shoot puts both the high-end and budget beauty products that emerged victorious in the Style Science episode an equal footing,” shares fashion stylist Cessi Treñas. “The editorial acts as a level playing field for these products.”


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To give each winning items from the beauty showdown its own moment in the spotlight, makeup artist Jorence Delimos deliberately piles on product, making each one the focal point of the shots captured by photographer Edward Joson. Hairstylist Ricky Diokno, meanwhile, opts for youthful curls, something raw and relaxed, to complement the statement-making makeup.



Featured: BENEFIT COSMETICS Precisely, My Brow Pencil, P1,500


[one-third-first][/one-third-first] [two-thirds][/two-thirds]
Featured: KYLIE COSMETICS Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dolce K, P1,400



Featured: CARELINE Go Big Mascara, P185


[one-half-first][/one-half-first] [one-half][/one-half]
Featured: KAT VON D BEAUTY Tattoo Liner Eyeliner in Trooper, P1,233


Featured: EVER BILENA Cheek Color in Peony, P105


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Photography Edward Joson

Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Styling Cessi Treñas

Makeup Jorence Delimos

Hairstyling Ricky Diokno

Model Arabella Nepomuceno (LVX Talent Management)

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