Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

Last night’s party looks, this morning’s conversation piece

When yuletide festivities conjure up a disco daydream, this is what you get. Holidazed, a fashion story, explores plaid-clad, party-ready looks for the gents that simultaneously spotlights killer-in-glitter boy beauty.



Not to mention: this serves as a year-ender reunion, too. Once again, we let photographer Rxandy Capinpin (the same creative to breathe life into our March visual, Man in a Brave New World, and June’s beauty tribute, Homespun) take the reins as he recruits a model ensemble featuring Chervin MatthewSergey and Min Soo this time around.



With pieces by Jobert Cristobal, Austeen Soriano, Chris Diaz, Edrick Paz and more, stylist Dani Familara assembles looks that are all about subdued hues one moment and then luxurious tones the next. Makeup artists Victor Loong and Nadynne Esguerra, in addition, know just when to dial up the drama and when to tone things down. (See them play it fast and loose with glitter after the simpler touch-of-blush look that the editorial originally starts with.)



An ode to ‘70s nightlife, a devil-may-care attitude, a reason to head to the dancefloor: take sartorial notes and view the full set of Holidazed below.

A Lesson in Tailoring

Precision, precision, precision! But here comes the fun part: Tailored pieces don’t always have to look stuffy. Explore options that make use of mesh or come in prints that are fun but still office-appropriate.

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial
Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

On Sergey Blazer, RJ RYAN, plaid top and skort, CHRIS DIAZ, sunglasses and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBALOn Chervin blazer, RJ RYAN, mesh top, FMLR, trousers, MAISON SORIANO, shoes, DR. MARTENS, chain necklace, CHROLLO

The Big Sling

Zhuzhing an outfit can be as simple as opting to tie a sweater or blazer across your chest.

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

Floral bomber jacket, EDRICK PAZ, button-down shirt, PAUL ANDRES, plaid blazer, FMLR, plaid shorts, CHRIS DIAZ

Clear the Dancefloor

Beadwork, sequins, an indiscernible mish-mash of prints: Feel free to make either one the focal point or pile everything on. When done deliberately, clashing elements can bring an entire look together.

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

On Min Soo suit, MAISON SORIANO, embellished top and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBALOn Sergey checkered top, CHRIS DIAZ, bomber jacket, headpiece and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBAL, trousers, MAISON SORIANOOn Chervin embellished top and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBAL, corduroy trousers, FMLR

Dance Like No One’s Watching

And get with the program: Try your hand at gender-neutral styling like you don’t give a damn about constricting fashion rules. Men in skirts is exactly what we’re talking about.

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

Romper, EDRICK PAZ, wrap skirt, CHRIS DIAZ, necklace, CHROLLO

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In the Mood for Love 

Modern suiting means waving goodbye to black and navy for a moment to embrace different textures, prints and finishes. (Below, a full-on, head-to-toe mesh look for the truly daring ones.)

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

On Chervin blazer, RJ RYAN, mesh shorts, CHRIS DIAZ, sunglasses and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBALbelt, MARC JACOBSOn Sergei mesh jacket and trousers, CHRIS DIAZ, sunglasses and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBALOn Min Soo suit, MEJ JIMENEZ, sunglasses and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBAL

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial


Bits of Stardust

One way to pull off glitter-only beauty is to pat on product on the high points of the face (the way one would with highlighter when contouring). Make the look more dramatic by sweeping glitter down the cheek and then around the chin. Just remember that the places where light is reflected tend to make the area look bigger, so apply glitter with a face-flattering strategy in mind.

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

On Min Soo embroidered jacket, JOE-AARON FIGUEROA, trousers, FMLR, shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBAL, necklace, CHROLLOOn Chervin jumpsuit, JACE QUIAMBAO, shoes and sunglasses, JOBERT CRISTOBAL

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Disco Inferno

Get the gang in formation and coordinate your looks. This doesn’t necessarily mean going for something on the nose, though (read: matchy-matchy). Consider mattes versus metallics for contrast. Subtle…but still makes a statement.

Holidazed: A Fashion Editorial

On Chervin suit, JAY MAGADA, sunglasses and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBALOn Min Soo suit, GILBERT SAMSON, headpiece and shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBAL, necklace, CHROLLOOn Sergey metallic top, EDRICK PAZ, trousers Pants, GILBERT SAMSON, shoes, JOBERT CRISTOBAL, necklace, CHROLLO

There’s more where that came from. Tap here to check out the archive of Wonder visuals.

Photography and Creative Direction Rxandy Capinpin

Art Alexandra Lara

Styling Dani Familara

Grooming Victor Loong and Nadynne Esguerra

Models ChervinMin Soo (PMAP), Sergey (Main Models)

Location Rxandy Capinpin Studio

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