How To Use The vivo V21 5G According To Ashley Rivera


July 23, 2021
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Tips and tricks from Petra Mahalimuyak



If you sometimes live within the realms of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, the likelihood of you coming across one Ashley Rivera AKA Petra Mahalimuyak is pretty high. She’s everywhere you look if you’re into fun, digestible and relatable content. And in case you don’t know her quite as well as one would expect, don’t let the outgoing personality scare you. Like us, she’s just in it for the laughs. 

We got to catch up with the one and only creator, as if we were just graduating from high school and asking to give her public persona a write-up. “Ashley Rivera AKA Petra Mahalimuyak is known for her playful videos and witty antics,” she figuratively writes. “Her content is the same as her personality: light and fun!”


How To Use The vivo V21 5G According To Ashley Rivera



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But what is content if you don’t have the proper gadgets to film and share your output with? And for Ashley, she takes comfort in knowing that the vivo V21 5G delivers. Below, five tips from Ashley to take full advantage of the new device:


How To Use The vivo V21 5G According To Ashley Rivera

No one likes an unsteady hand, which is exactly why Ashley relies on the Electronic Image Stabilization feature of the vivo V21 5G.”When I use my phone and it’s handheld, its stabilization feature allows my clips to look crisp and clear,” she explains. “Nakakagana gumawa ng videos lalo na pag maganda yung quality (It’s fun to take videos when the quality is great)!”


How To Use The vivo V21 5G According To Ashley Rivera

If you’ve ever tried to take a photo or a video in low-light, you know that what gets saved into your camera roll might not be the most flattering thing. But with the vivo V21 5G, Ashley’s tip is to not be afraid of the dark. “The Super Night Selfie feature is my favorite as well…When I’m shooting at night, my photos still come out well-lit,” she tells us.


How To Use The vivo V21 5G According To Ashley Rivera

We all have a laugh about it once in a while, but we’ve all gotten hot-headed about having to delete older media on our devices. And as someone whose business it is to deliver content, Ashley knows the importance of ample storage space. 

Fortunately, the vivo V21 5G unit has more than enough of that. With 8GB of built-in storage, plus 3GB of extendable RAM, it allows users to shoot and record without a hitch.


How To Use The vivo V21 5G According To Ashley Rivera

Today’s content-obsessed world runs on urgency and relevancy. You have to keep up with trends, with challenges, with news and your audience. So another thing that Ashley loves with the vivo V21 5G? It’s right in the name: 5G connectivity. 

She rhetorically asks, “Who doesn’t want fast internet connection?”


How To Use The vivo V21 5G According To Ashley Rivera

Ashley admittedly doesn’t clean up the apps on her phone between use—something many of us are guilty of, too. But with the RAM capabilities of the vivo V21 5G? There’s nothing to slow her down. Ashley can easily switch between apps and backtrack her activities.


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Content creator or not, we all know how important it is to have a device you can rely on through anything, whether that’s for work, play or the great space in between. 

Get your hands on #TheNewPortraitMaster, the vivo V21 5G, for P23,999 on all vivo stores, kiosks and exhibits or online via Shopee or Lazada.


Art Alexandra Lara


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