Who’s That Girl: Ina Jacobe, the Creative Force Behind Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula

Who’s That Girl: Ina Jacobe, the Creative Force Behind Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula

“Working for an SME as a key player is an ever-evolving experience for me because there's just so much to explore and learn from every day”


For aspiring young professionals who want to make it in the beauty industry, take a cue from Ina Jacobe, creative director of Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula. The all-around creative and marketing expert has contributed to the popularity of the unapologetic brands highlighting good-for-your-skin products made for Filipinas.  


In an exclusive interview with Wonder, she recounts how she discovered the brand years back. Ina shares, “I was looking for local makeup brands I could try on at BeautyMNL and discovered Colourette. At the time they were ALWAYS out of stock so when they restocked Isla and Beachy, I bought it right away. Of course, I was impressed by it and decided to follow them on Instagram.” 


She adds, “After a week or so, they posted on their Instagram Stories that they were looking for marketing and creative leads and fortunately, I saw it. I originally applied for marketing but Nina liked my portfolio and offered me the creative lead position instead.”


Who's That Girl: Ina Jacobe, the Creative Force Behind Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula

We caught up with the #BossBabe as she tells us what a day is like for a creative director amid a pandemic and shares some beauty recommendations for beginners. 


Wonder: Tell us a little about yourself! What's been keeping you busy?


Ina: Aside from my 9 to 5 and Groove Activewear marketing duties, I’ve been busy with our kitchen's renovation. It’s not much but, as a Taurus who appreciates good food, I’m really excited to have a new and better kitchen at home!

W: What does your day-to-day on the job look like?


I: Very much embarrassed to admit this but I…wake up to notifications in the morning. I drink my morning coffee and then that’s only when I start replying. My working hours consist of approvals, a couple or six meetings (not even kidding), my second coffee break, making sure we optimize our Canva Pro subscription and quick brain breaks in between Trello cards.


The pandemic made us adapt to the new normal and to keep ourselves sane—we make sure we check in on each other daily through different ways. May it be through care packages, curating a playlist with my team or sending endless Shopee links to our official company budol group. 

W: Did you always want to work in the beauty industry? Would you say your current job was the dream job you had in mind growing up?

I: Never thought about being a beauty gal, really! I enjoy makeup on a very basic level—as in “I just wanna look better but still feel like it’s me” kinda way. But because of my previous work in media, I got more exposed to it as I was able to attend different beauty events and write about new product launches. I definitely like it enough to want to know more about it and to be better at it! I’ve always dreamt of becoming a creative director in an agency setting, but where I am at now works perfectly for me, too! 


Which beauty products currently make up your daily routine?


I: Base: BLK Skin Tint, Colourtint in Jordyn. Cheeks: Tower 28 Bronzino in Gold Coast, Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm. Eyes: Dolly Wink Eyeliner, and Gogotales Liquid Primer in 102, Glossier Lash Slick, Issy & Co Brow Refiner. Lips: Colourtint in Ocean (always and forever), Thyra Glass Jelly Lip Oil in Y05 (as base balm), Colourbalm in Bikini (for reapplication).

W: How do you ensure your creative tank never runs dry? How do you stay inspired and motivated?


I: Consume a healthy amount of media! Surround yourself with good people who have different tastes! (Safely) Engage with strangers online! Stay curious! Lastly, by never forgetting to have fun creatively!

W: How do you think you've grown in your time with the Colourette and Fresh Formula teams? Any key lessons you learned along the way?


I: It took me some time to believe in myself with full confidence. I’ve always been a shy and anxious person that I would host informal FGDs amongst my friends and family whenever I’m making big life decisions. But my desire to become great at what I love doing trumped my shyness so I repeatedly told myself to just go for it and always trust my gut.


Being one of the core members of Colourette forced me to come out of my small introverted shell. Working for an SME as a key player is an ever-evolving experience for me because there's just so much to explore and learn from every day. I’m just very happy I found my space and, most especially, my creative voice in Colourette. 

W: What has been the highlight of your career thus far? Why?


I: I take campaigns seriously, so I made it my mission to always do my best to beat the previous campaign! So far my most favorite is the #ColourbalmSerye we launched on TikTok featuring Ayn Bernos and Jae Miranda. It was quite simple, very minimal effort on our end, but the results it yielded were so good, our Colourbalms sold out so fast. As a previous non-believer of TikTok, this was a pleasant surprise to me. Haha! 

W: What changes do you hope to see in the beauty industry over the next few years?


I: Less copying international brands, more innovative products for all. More base shades and berry shades that actually flatter the Filipina skin tone.


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Creativity comes in all forms. For this Ina Jacobe, it’s merging her love for beauty and marketing to elevate the product experience for Pinays. Want more advice for young professionals? Read some essential tips here on career development as you enter into the workforce. 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 



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