Issa Pressman: Our Unapologetic Nasty Woman
Nasty Woman (n.) – strong, powerful, does good, says what she means. Ex., Issa Pressman

It’s 2019; women wear pants, they go to work, they pay for themselves and they speak their minds—at least ideally. At this point, it doesn’t seem to matter what year it is as there are people who still believe women should sit with their legs crossed, wear clothing that they deem feminine and appropriate.


Well, to this corner of the world: let us introduce you to the Nasty Woman; or as we’d like to locally dub it: the Filipina and feisty. She’s unafraid to speak her mind and won’t take your bullshit stereotypes sitting down. She’s as strong as she is powerful, does good and fights for the little person. A prime example? Issa Pressman.

Issa Pressman: Our Unapologetic Nasty Woman

Silk spaghetti strap top, JOSEPH, denim trucker jacket, LEVI’S, pink swim bottoms, ÉTÉ STYLE COAST & SWIMWEAR, fuchsia three stripe mesh tulle skirt, ADIDAS ORIGINALS, lavender woven beret, AC+632, pearl string necklaces (worn as a belt), FIRMA, Powder blue canvas sneakers, CHARLES & KEITH

You might know Issa Pressman from when she made headlines last year for a commercial that went viral. You might also know her as the younger sister of Yassi Pressman. Or maybe you know her for her envy-inducing dancing videos, killer style and kickass #artbyissa projects. For whatever reason, she’s been on everyone’s radar recently and having her in the studio with us proved that she—on her own and in her own light—very well deserves to be.

Blue bowler shirt, UNCLES BEACH CLUB AT CASE STUDY ATELIER, blue gray biker shorts, FACTORIE, blue denim trousers, TOMMY HILFIGER, powder blue canvas sneakers, CHARLES & KEITH, denim baker boy hat, AC+632

Issa came into our midday shoot without that ounce of privilege you might expect from someone like her—basically everyone’s cool girl; young, relevant, outspoken, talented and beautiful. And yet, she chilled around the studio, checked out her looks for the day and got everyone in the room excited for what the next few hours would hold.


After hair and makeup were finished, she posed in front of the camera, completely willing to try our suggestions without losing herself in the process. It was clear from the get-go that she knew who she was and what she’s comfortable with, but not so much so that she was stuck in a routine.


And when the time came for the interview—in which we gave her the opportunity to answer back at age-old statements we still (but shouldn’t) hear in present conversation—she didn’t hold anything back.

If the definition of dressing ‘proper’ is not being your own self, then yes, I do not dress like a proper lady.

White and mustard one-piece suit, ÉTÉ STYLE COAST & SWIMWEAR, yellow knit pullover sweater, H&M, yellow sneakers, CONVERSE

You don’t dress like a proper lady.

Issa: Well if the definition of dressing ‘proper’ for you is dressing a specific way and not being your own self, then yes, I do not dress like a proper lady.


You should leave some things to the imagination.

Issa: Alright, I’ll leave it [to my imagination].

There’s no room for women in politics/business/power.

Issa: Can I give two answers? One: There’s no room for your judgment. But also [two]: There is room for you to sit back, relax and watch us work.


Go back to the kitchen.

Issa: I just don’t know how to cook.

Issa Pressman: Our Unapologetic Nasty Woman

Teal sports bra, FOREVER 21, blue checkered blazer and trousers, MISS SELFRIDGE, gray checkered earring, AC +632

Let the man do it.

Issa: Which Pressman? We’re three in the family.

Issa Pressman: Our Unapologetic Nasty Woman

What would your dad/kuya/boyfriend/guy friend say?

Issa: My dad would say, “Just do whatever you want.”


Kababae mong tao.

Issa: I have no reaction to that. It doesn’t affect me.

Issa Pressman: Our Unapologetic Nasty Woman

If our world is in the hands of Filipina and feisty women like Issa Pressman, then we have less to worry about. It would mean that there are important conversations on the horizon and upwards change to look forward to. It would mean that there are open minds and bullshit radars to watch out for. Maybe most importantly, however, it would mean that there are women who will continue to fight the Nasty Woman fight.


So, let us ask you: Which side of herstory will you be standing on?

Issa Pressman: Our Unapologetic Nasty Woman
Issa Pressman: Our Unapologetic Nasty Woman

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Interview and Cover Story Adie Pieraz

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