Meet Jeyo, the Moreno Advocate Challenging Beauty Standards in the Country

Meet Jeyo, the Moreno Advocate Challenging Beauty Standards in the Country

Introducing Jeyo, the all-around creative who wants you to love your kayumanggi skin



Before pursuing beauty full-time, all-around creative Jeyo started in fashion. It became challenging when he could no longer keep up with ever-changing trends (i.e. try-on and shopping hauls) that promoted waste and excess. In an exclusive with Wonder, he notes, “I don’t really want to promote overconsumption.”


At that point, he didn’t even own any makeup products of his own. After booking his first beauty campaign with Colourette Cosmetics—fronting the Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud campaign in all his pastel pink glory—he started slowly building his collection.


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The 23-year-old photographer and designer gained momentum when he discovered what could easily set him apart from the oversaturated crowd of content creators. The Visual Communications graduate from the University of the Philippines would take advantage of his Fine Arts education.


Jeyo reveals, “At the time, oversaturated ‘yung beauty community. Ginamit ko ‘yung Fine Arts [background] ko (I used my Fine Arts [background]). I’m really into shoots and editorials.” In no time, his stylized content would get the attention of beauty brands like Clocheflame, Saipo Skin and GRWM Cosmetics.



His newfound passion for beauty ended up complementing his background in the arts, easily translating into the content he produces. He notes, “I really enjoyed Color Theory class, and applying it to makeup made it more exciting and a bit challenging. But ‘yun ‘yung nagustuhan ko (that’s what I liked), I get to know [what colors to use] for the face.” As an assistant photographer to Alan Segui (Studio Segui), he also gets exposed to “weird makeup” whether it’s stylized, bleached brows or punk-inspired eyeshadow looks.


If you’ve followed Jeyo’s journey, you would know that he’s a proud moreno advocate, inspired by none other than beauty queen, content creator and Wonder cover star Ayn Bernos. His love for kayumanggi skin was intensified after receiving unsolicited comments from a modeling agency. He narrates, “‘Yung pagiging moreno advocate ko, it really started when I was trying to audition for a modeling gig. [The client] reached out to me, and so I sent out set cards and photos. Then they went back to me, ang sabi nila, ‘Oh, we wanted pala na medyo Eurocentric features.’ Super sampal siya sa’kin! Akala ko girls lang nakakaranas nu’n, but even boys [pala]. (Being a moreno advocate really started when I was trying to audition for a modeling gig. [The client] reached out to me, and so I sent out set cards and photos. Then they went back to me and said, ‘Oh, we wanted someone with Eurocentric features.’ It was a slap on the face! I thought only girls experienced that but even boys do.)”


A hard pill to swallow: Colorism is still pretty much alive in the Philippines.


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“When I felt the discrimination against the kayumanggi skin-colored people, I wanted to push brands to really [create] makeup that would suit different skin tones,” he adds. Jeyo is using his platform to challenge beauty standards in the Philippines, working closely with brands like Issy & Co. to develop products that would cater to more skin tones and undertones.


For Halloween, Jeyo cheekily dressed up as a real-life horror: when people insist that you should have lighter skin. This is reminiscent of the times when we would try to find the right foundation shade in our neighborhood department stores, only for the sales representative to suggest a product that’s two to three shades lighter than our skin tone. This is an experience that's all too familiar in the Philippines, with many brainwashed into believing that lighter skin is superior.



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Though there’s no mistaking that the local beauty landscape is flourishing, there’s still a lot to work on. Aside from broadening the shade range for base products, Jeyo believes there’s a lot of space for creative makeup contrasting the many available multi-use products for on-the-go guys and gals. He shares, “For me, since I [do] more editorial type of makeup content creation, nakikita ko na (I see that) most Filipino beauty brands [cater to] everyday makeup for on-the-go…I wish some brands would get more creative. Puro na lang (too many) everyday makeup, but I need more spice!”


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If there’s something we learned from Jeyo’s tell-all, it doesn’t hurt to advocate for something, especially when you have the platform to do so. And for aspiring creators, it helps to find your niche, and with it, the people who are equally as passionate about the things you are. He reveals,  Feeling ko naman you can really stand out when you find your niche. To be honest, there’s no competition! You can stand out if you find your people, and those people will make you feel like you stand out.”



Starring and Glam by Jeyo

Photography Favour Ajah

Creative Direction Alexandra Lara

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

Interview, Story and Fashion Direction Elisa Aquino

Styling Clarisse Furio

Location B&B Studios


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