KC Del Rosario: A Surprisingly Nasty Woman
Nasty Woman (n.) – confident, brave, says what she means. Ex., KC Del Rosario

To anyone that’s been waiting for an invitation, welcome to the year 2019. There are no widespread laws that forbid a woman to wear a skirt less than three inches above her knee or require her to wear a swimsuit that could double as a romper. On the other side of things, there also are no widespread laws against a woman covering herself up—not for religious reasons or otherwise.



Despite this, however, there are still people out there who think they have the authority to dictate or comment on a woman’s choice of clothing, makeup or how she does her hair. And it’s because of this societal narcissism that we’re always so thrilled when a woman unfailingly remains herself. Take one KC Del Rosario, for example.

KC Del Rosario: A Surprisingly Nasty Woman

Filipina and Feisty Wonder tee, ILLION, Warhol Landscape high-rise denim trousers, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS

You might know KC from when she made gossip headlines years ago or maybe you’re one of her hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Maybe you’ve read about her—a modern day princess, they keep calling her—in fashion magazines and best-dressed lists. But this month, we’re celebrating KC for being a Nasty Woman, Filipina and feisty. That is, a woman who knows her worth, is confident, remains poised, is well-meaning and is always brave.

Left: Neon pink one-piece suit, ÉTÉ STYLE COAST & SWIMWEAR, chain link bangle worn as choker, FIRMA, Right: Pink sports bra, ADIDAS ORIGINALS, pink bike shorts, ADIDAS ORIGINALS, light wash denim jacket, LEVI’S

KC Del Rosario walked into our shoot, met the team and apologized for being a little late (though she more than made up for the time that was lost, mind you). She went into hair and makeup, changed her clothes and we watched as she warmed up in front of the camera and delivered pose after pose and shot after shot.



And then it came to do her on-screen interview and we saw a side of her that not many see. She was sweet, a little timid and could even be described as a little soft-spoken. But hey, when you hand a Filipina and feisty woman age-old statements that don’t deserve the light of day, she’ll have something to say.

KC Del Rosario: A Surprisingly Nasty Woman

You don’t dress like a proper lady

KC: But I am a lady and I dress how I feel—classy and free. [Anyway,] I think being a lady has more to do with your personality and how you interact with people.


You should leave some things to the imagination

KC: What exactly would you imagine? I’m curious.

Videographer Richard Webb

Anong klaseng babae ka?

KC: [I’m] a creative millennial with my own vision.


Go back to the kitchen

KC: This isn’t the 1950s; I don’t even cook.

KC Del Rosario: A Surprisingly Nasty Woman

Red sweater, JOSEPH, bejeweled mismatched earrings, FIRMA, white and yellow sneakers, FENDI

There’s no room for women in politics or power

KC: It’s 2019; I believe there is.



You’re just a pretty face

KC: [I would just] smile, walk away and prove them wrong.

They don’t tell me what to do—and they know not to.

White corset shirt, OFF WHITE, white tennis skirt, FOREVER 21, sheer socks, FOREVER 21, white cage sandals, 

DR. MARTENS, white beret, H&M

Ang landi mo

KC: I actually don’t know how to flirt.


What would your dad, kuya, boyfriend or guy friend say?

KC: They don’t tell me what to do—and they know not to. They’d probably just high-five me.

KC Del Rosario: A Surprisingly Nasty Woman

The past might seem a little bleak when you have your feminist sunnies on, but if the future has more Filipina and feisty women like KC Del Rosario, everything will come into focus eventually—maybe even soon. There won’t be an ounce of tolerance for misplaced and unnecessary commentary on things that don’t even involve those making the comments. There won’t be space for misguided judgement or ill-placed assumptions based on appearance, background or titles.



If spending an afternoon with KC taught us anything, it’s that you never know what—or who—you can expect. So, the question now is: Have you decided which side of herstory you want to be on?

KC Del Rosario: A Surprisingly Nasty Woman
KC Del Rosario: A Surprisingly Nasty Woman

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Interview and Cover Story Adie Pieraz

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Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

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