Lauren Reid: Our Double-Edged Nasty Woman
Nasty Woman (n.) – takes no BS, independent, answers to no one. Ex., Lauren Reid

Once upon a time, the world believed that women were only as strong—and as worthy—as their beauty. Centuries ago, society looked at a woman at face value and put a price on her. But somewhere along the way, the gender scales started tipping and women proved that they were so much more than just their looks.


Then again, sometimes the world takes this rallying cry a little too seriously and pretty girls are deemed as merely trophies or are accused of using their physical assets as a means to get by. Apparently, there is no middle ground to some people; you have to choose between being pretty or being intelligent. I mean, where else do the movie stereotypes come from, right?


Well, fuck that. It’s 2019 and we’re with Lauren Reid as she proves that women can do both.

Lauren Reid: Our Double-Edged Nasty Woman

White tank top, DOROTHY PERKINS, blue gray pullover sweater, OFF WHITE, gray jogger pants, ADIDAS ORIGINALS, dangling earrings with star applique, AC +632

You know her face, her name and her circle. If you do a quick search on her, she’s often associated with someone else—her basketball player of a boyfriend, her actor of a brother, her headlining best friend—but one afternoon with Lauren proved to us that she can light up a room and bring up the energy all on her own. So this week, this month and for as long as we possibly can, we’re celebrating her being a Nasty Woman. And by this, we mean someone who won’t take bullshit, is independent and and answer to no one but themselves. Someone we rightfully call Filipina and feisty.

“Let me speak the truth”

Maroon dress, AVA.PH MAVENS COLLECTION, light wash denim trousers, LEVI’S, chunky color-blocked sneakers, PEDRO, graphic print earrings, AC +632

Lauren Reid walked into the studio quite nonchalantly on an afternoon that proved summer was right around the corner. She asked to see her looks, made no complaints, even uttered some praise and was quickly ready to get the ball rolling. So when hair and makeup were finished, she took to our set and faced the camera with her A-game on full display.


Despite the air conditioning’s battle against the sun’s midday glare, her attitude never faltered. There were, from all of us behind the camera, moments of awe that were followed by instances that just clicked together; we knew the money shots were rolling in. And yet, that wasn’t at all what made the afternoon so memorable.


Between her layouts, we switched things up, sat her on a stool and started rolling the video camera. It was time for her on-screen cover interview. Our request was simple—answer back to statements that are still made to women, even in the year 2019—and yet Lauren’s delivery was stellar.

Filipina and feisty Wonder tee, ILLION, teal felted cotton trousers, AVA.PH MAVENS COLLECTION, blue jelly sandal, OFF WHITE, silver hoop earrings, H&M

You don’t dress like a proper lady

Lauren: Who dictates what a proper lady should dress like?


What would your dad/kuya/boyfriend/guy friend say?

Lauren: I think they would cheer me on.

Videographer Richard Webb

There’s no room for women in politics/business/power

Lauren: Yo, this is not the 1920s. Leave that at home, man.


You should leave some things to the imagination

Lauren: I would rather you not dream up your own fantasies about me and let me speak the truth.

Lauren Reid: Our Double-Edged Nasty Woman

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Let the man do it

Lauren: I would rather do it myself.


You’re just a pretty face

Lauren: I think I’m a lot more than a pretty face: educated, have a career, have my own business—but I’ll take being pretty, too.

Lauren Reid: Our Double-Edged Nasty Woman

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Lauren’s breathtaking, isn’t she? But more than that—on top of that—she has a great head on her shoulders and a smart mouth that can keep up with it. So if we follow suit and be Filipina and feisty, just as we should be, then there’s no stopping us. There will be less corners to fit into and stereotypes that hinder and words that judge, provoke and accuse. So color outside the godforsaken lines and don’t dull anyone else’s work of art.


The gender scale will slowly keep tipping and we’ll eventually be wrong to call it uneven in the first place. History and herstory? One in the same; you just have to get on board.

Lauren Reid: Our Double-Edged Nasty Woman
Lauren Reid: Our Double-Edged Nasty Woman

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Photography Renzo Navarro

Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Interview and Cover Story Adie Pieraz

Fashion Direction and Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos assisted by Emj Uson

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup Mac Igarta

Hair Rhod Rubia

Nails Extraordinail Salon & Skin Care

Location New Monarq Creativx Studio

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