Meet Lierge Perey, The Gen Z Creator Who Wants You To Embrace Your Real Skin

Meet Lierge Perey, The Gen Z Creator Who Wants You To Embrace Your Real Skin

TikTok star Lierge Perey is advocating for skin texture and refusing to use beauty filters



At 19 years old, beauty content creator Lierge Perey has reached a level of success many individuals can only dream of—and she's only at the beginning. When you dare enough to be passionate about something, dream big and show up, doors will certainly open for you. In this digital landscape, where a 15-second video can catapult an individual to stardom, more people are considering unconventional, alternative career paths. 


Lierge remembers her earliest memory of beauty. At the age of five, she would steal her mother’s lipsticks and hide them under her pink pillow. She reveals, “That's when I knew that I’m a really kikay girl.” When she was 11, during the prime of YouTube, she started filming makeup videos but hesitated to upload them because of what other people might think. She shares, “I was too shy to post [videos] because the mindset of Millennials and some oldies, like Gen X, is that ‘you’re too young.’”


In time, she started becoming more comfortable with publicizing her content and found her footing. She began posting videos on short-form video and streaming platform TikTok. Here, she flourished. 


Lierge would draw inspiration from the award-winning TV series Euphoria (albeit dark and with heavy subjects like drugs and sex), which inspired a creative movement among Generation Z, amplifying their obsession with all-out, fantastical beauty. She reveals, “It’s really Euphoria [that made me my most creative self] kasi [it's] more on bold looks. Usually I [prefer] soft glam, clean girl makeup. And when Euphoria was trending, I tried it—bold pink, bold purple, gems. I usually do lip sync [of] Maddy. Andaming may gusto nu’n (So many people liked it).


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If there’s something that separates Lierge from the sea of young creators on TikTok, it's that she proudly embraces her real skin and refuses to make use of beauty filters—that foolproof band-aid solution to “bad” skin days, where with just one quick tap, you instantly get baby-soft and smooth skin. This form of augmented reality, a commonplace type of grown-up virtual dress-up, is targeting young girls most especially, dictating what beauty “should” look like. 


Lierge acknowledges that this is unrealistic. She notes, “There [are] a lot of people using filters, right? It’s not realistic. I teach makeup online, and I myself have textures and dark pigmentations, and I wanna promote that para when I teach on TikTok, ‘yan ‘yung makakakita nila (that’s what they see). That’s real skin.” She adds, “ I wanna promote that [skin texture is] normal, and this is how makeup looks on skin.”


This process of self-acceptance definitely did not happen overnight. “Honestly, growing up wala ako masyadong acne, pero meron talaga akong textures. Sobrang na-insecure ako, especially with the creasing and laugh lines. It took me a lot of time [to accept that it was normal]. Sa tagal ko din nag-mamakeup since I was 11, ‘yun natutunan ko. Textures are normal, wala ka talagang magagawa. It’s really there na,” notes Lierge.


(“Honestly, growing up, I didn’t have acne, but I had textures. I became so insecure, especially with the creasing and laugh lines. It took me a lot of time [to accept that it was normal]. With how long I’ve been putting on makeup since I was 11, that’s what I learned. Textures are normal, you can’t do anything about it. It’s really there,” Lierge notes.)


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With a few years in the industry under her belt and an ever-growing platform, Lierge believes that the key to success is being consistent. She notes, “[My followers] always tell me na they are really disappointed because when they post videos, walang engagement. So I always tell them na be consistent. That’s what I did. I just kept on posting, posting.” She adds, “ I don't care if I get 36 likes, 45 likes. I tell them to be patient, consistent and passionate about what [they] do. And it will all fall into place.”


Many things seem to have fallen into place in Lierge’s dreamlike life, but the behind-the-scenes is less glamorous than it seems. At 19, she’s living on her own and juggling both school and work so she can pay the bills. She reveals, “I’m trying to get there [and find that balance]. Kasi also with school [and work], it’s hard to juggle both. It’s a very different world.” She adds, “It’s really sad because before makeup is really my passion, but now it’s becoming my responsibility.”


In this season of her life, and as she enters her 20s, Lierge Perey is handling life the way she knows how to, and in time, she hopes to slowly find the delicate balance between work and life. She continues to dream big though and hopes that in the next few years, she could grow her passions and skill set. Her next stop: modeling. 


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